New Fone Strike wing test

The new Strike brings an innovative concept and a design that breaks with the established. Incredible stability and balance, super comfortable and lightweight, super stable
Wide wind range and jumping capacity, an option to continue with the performance but expanding the wind range, from gentle to strong winds.

The canopy is super high, it makes it super solid and a more pronounced central curve that adds firmness, the handles are larger produces a wider stance.


We went to the East coast of Fuerteventura to test the new @fone.wing Strike, and the result has been amazing, the best answer for our wing foiler’s prayers on those dreaded light wind days!!

Testcenter Session.

Rider: Manu Taub @manutaub 108kg

Foil: Phantom 1280

Mast Carbon 95cm HM

Rocket Wing 5’5” 85L

Wing: Strike 8M

light wind, not much man!