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After more than 10 years teaching foil and kitesurfing in Fuerteventura, being one of the pioneers of foil surfing in the Canary Islands, it is no coincidence that we have taken the step to this new discipline, “wing surfing” is the path they have taken all the people we look up to, our partner Fone, and all the watermen who don’t inspire from day to day. Wing surfing has come to stay, and we already have the necessary experience to teach you the best F-one wing equipment so that the learning curve is as short as possible. Book your wing course in Corralejo with us.

Beach Session Approach to wing surf

The perfect place to start wing surfing is the flat water of the beautiful beaches of Corralejo, in a controlled setting where we will learn to handle the wing board, in this case we will use an inflatable wing board with plastic fins, leaving the foil for the upcoming classes. In this lesson we will learn to prepare the wing surf equipment, use it safely, water starts, ride downwind and upwind

Controlling the Foil behind the boat

An important part of wing surfing is the control of the foil, to level our future wing surfers there is the option of doing a session of foil behind our zodiac or jetski to make sure that we dominate the foil enough to focus later only on the handling of the wing sail

WING courses prices

· WING FOIL BASICS 3 SESSION400 €3 days basics = 1 sk8 beach fly + 1 tow boat/jet session + 1 session with boat/jet assistance / modules 1 to 4 /
· WING FOIL BASICS 5 SESSION650 €5 days basics = 1 sk8 beach flying + 1 tow boat/jet session + 3 boat/jet sessions / modules 1 to 5 /
· WING FOIL BASICS TOW SESSION150 €1 towboat / jet session
· WING FOIL BEACH PRIVATE SESSION200 € Private school session from the beach . 2h session . minimum level : upwind + downwind wing foiling
· WING FOIL BOAT PRIVATE SESSIOn250 €Private school session from boat / 1 pax
· WING FOIL BOAT ASSISTANCE 125 €XTRA session + boat/jet assistance

surfer house

wing surfer Accommodation

Our surf camp is the perfect place to combine relaxing vacations with your wingsurf sessions, the comfort of its 8 exclusive rooms, which provides an accommodation capacity of 22 people. We have places to clean and house your wing surf equipment, if you are only taking classes we are not 15 minutes from the procenter where you will meet every day with your wing instructor

Some wing videos

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