Wing Surf

Wing Foiling in Fuerteventura
This inflatable surf sail is the new novelty in board sports around the world. The wing, A perfect mix between windsurfing, surf foil and kitesurfing, is already beginning to be seen a lot in the Canary Islands spots, especially on the north coast of Fuerteventura.

Foil boarding its a reality.

You been around in the water sports world for a while, foil has revolutionise the kite, surf and surf scene with the possibility to ride in small swell, big swell and windless conditions, it’s a totally new way to enjoy the ocean.

The wing surf and Foiling culture it’s a new rough diamond

where it’s no boundaries more than imagination. You just have to enjoy the ride and write the history in this new discipline, the most direct way to enjoy hidrofoiling.

Some wing videos

what they say about us

Had some wing foiling lessons with Line Up and after that a 1-week rental. It was a great experience and in my case the best way to get into wing foiling. The whole team is super professional, supportive, and fun. They have the latest equipment and sure, it’s not a cheap sport, but considering wing foiling is pretty new and expensive the prices are more than fair. So I’m really super happy and thankful to the whole crew and will go there again. SOJNA

Came here with a little experience but not on the foil as yet. I had a windsurfing background and took two lessons from Manu down in the bay and he was a fantastic instructor getting me on the foil every time after this short time. I decided to rent from the shop where the staff were super helpful and I would recommend that to save you hours of frustration on the board then use these guys a top set up.
Thank you and we will be over again for sure.
Many thanks
Dave 🤙🏻


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