Is the most important thing to follow
before you paddle out there

When entering water

control the kite

the rider entering in the water has priority.

When Crossing

when crossing kites

the rider under the wind brings the kite down

When Overtaking

kitesurf crossing

the rider under the wind brings the kite down

When jibe or jump

kite surfing rules

before engaging a maneuver (jibe/jump, …) you need to have a 360° panoramic vision of your free zone under the wind

Overtaking priority

wind crossing

the over taken has priority,the over taking has to maneuver to avoid coilision.

Crossing Priority

kiter priority

the other one has to manover to avoid colision. right shoulder forward (“touching the wind”) has priority.

before jibing always quickly look behind you, to check if an other rider is not following you to close in order to avoid tangling the kites

A guide to keep everyone safe and happy in the water

Wave Priority

waves with kite

first riding the swell owns the wave don’t jibe for the wave or don’t go for the wave

Sharing Waves

kiters vs surfers

when sharing spot with powered sport (paddle, kite or sail) leave waves for surfers

Managing Crowds

surfers against kiters

if many surfers move to the next uncrowded place