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    1. The client acknowledges to have received the rented equipment in perfect conditions.
    2. The equipment is checked by our team at every check-in, but client must double check it before checking-out.
    3. Once left the center the equipment is under the client only responsibility.
    4. No exception will be taken in considerations, all damages noticed when checking in, will be charged according to damages penalties fees and procedure.
    5. There is no refund for not using the equipment, whatever the reason might be.
    6. There is no refund for returning the equipment before the end of the rental period.
    7. In case the equipment gets lost or stolen, the client will have to pay the shop price, (webstore), even if contracted an insurance (not cover- ing).
    8. Switch as you wish bonus depends on availabilities and package size.
    9. The client has been informed of our rental insurance solution.
    Line Up Procenter, with the support of our partners brands F.ONE - FIREWIRE - MICK FANNING Our challenge is to propose client an un- matched low-cost rental/testing formula on top brands and latest series! in a SWITCH AS YOU WISH offer that covers KITE - SURF - SUP - FOIL where you can adapt as much as you want your rental quiver according to ocean conditions z... drop your kite, grab a surf, drop the surf, grab a SUP etc ... no additional fee !!
    25€ per 24H per item !!! For latest series equipment ... how s that possible ?
    We prefer speaking about testing than renting, 25€ corresponds to a test price and for a perfect use of the equipment, meaning the equip- ment comes back at the center in the exact same state that it has left. In this case, the equipment does not suffer an extra loss of value than normal.
    In case of damage, the test client becomes automatically a SHOP client and need to compensate not only the cost of repairs (by our professional workshops) but also: Loss of market value + Loss of rental income during absence for rental park.
    Test & Buy: After testing your equipment you decide to purchase it, we consider then that your rental period was really a test and we convert your rental fee as an investment in your new gear! We discount 100% of your rental/test fee from the price of the item you wish to buy* *This offer covering the fees per item , not the total amount of rental if few items in the combo, its only covering 7 days rental (we believe its enough to get a correct idea if its the right purchase for you) and that offers is only possible if the purchase happens in the shop during your stay, it wont be applied if you decide to buy later on our webstore.
    Yes, we propose an insurance, for 10€ /day per item it will cover all damages cost above 100€.
    This means that small damages still will need to be paid but in case of severe damage a maximum, a 100€ will be asked even if the equip- ment is totally destroyed. However, the item must be brought back to the center. The insurance is not covering lost or stolen equipment. In that case, the equipment must be purchased at the price of the day, we will discount the rental fee up to 7 days.
    Case no1: Minor damages* up to 100€ In this case, we only apply the damage penalty fee scale, Line Up keep the equipment
    Case no2: Major Damages* above 100€
    3 OPTIONS :
    1. The client decides to pay the price of the day (webstore) and leaves with the damaged equipment
    2. The clients prefer to leaves the equipment at line up and to only pay for the loss of value :
    We look at the price of the day and we make an estimation on how much we will be able to price the item on the 2nd hand market after repairs.
    The client will need to pay for :
    • Repair costs
    • Differences between price before repair and after repair
    3. The client has contracted the insurance. he will only have to pay 100€. The equipment stays at Line up .
    *At any moment the client can decide to purchase the item at the price of the day (webstore) and not pay for damages fees.
    In this case, we can propose our pro-workshop services to fix the item at cost prices.

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