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As an F-One and Firewire Official Test Center, we can provide to our clients the best and latest kite, surf, stand-up paddle, foil, swing, and Foil rental equipment in the market. Periodically we renew our equipment to always maintain a quality standard for both those who rent and those who buy.


We can provide pro center gear at very good prices, you can update your quiver saving money and without a lack of performance. Keep you quiver as a pro has never been that easy.

If you are looking for a second-hand kite in Europe, our second-hand kite, wing, and surf online shop it’s your place, we have big range of procenter gear, top equipment from our top brands Fone, Manera and Firewire.

Weekly update our procenter offers since our rental quiver needs to be updated periodically to keep it modern and top performance. If u don’t fin what u want you don’t hesitate to contact us at

For some riders buy new equipment could be too expensive or risky, we have the solution for u, the test and buy option, where u can test the gear before u buy it. This option is only available to riders visiting our procenter in Fuerteventura. For the riders who are outside of canaries, we have a shipping system that works, u can get at your home any gear we show in our webstore.


request your actual images and videos of your chosen product, once approved we deliver to your house in any EU location

under mantainance, please go to out main shop

Contact us regarding the desired product, we will send you photos and videos of its current status. When the payment is made, it is sent safely to your house. Transport is insured, economic and we deliver all over Europe.
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