1. Line up does not cover any responsibility for damages or injuries occurred to the client himself during the use of the equipment or to any third-party public or private structural or physical
  2. The client is responsable for his own activities with the rented equipment and must be insured personally and accordingly.
  3. The client acknowledges having received the equipment in perfect conditions, with no unfixed damages and accept the responsabilty of it.
  4. The equipment shall be returned in the same state than when picked up.
  5. The equipment is checked by our team at every check-in, but the client must double-check it before checking-out.
  6. With this double mandatory checking we consider that no damages could be missed.
  7. If the client decides to not verify the equipment before going , de facto the client admits that the equipment is perfect and take responsibility for it.
  8. Once left the center the equipment is under the client’s only responsibility and agree to be affordable for any damages when returning the equipment.
  9. If anyway arriving on the beach the client still remarks a damage unseen so far , the equipment must be brought back to the center in less than 1 hour and before any use of it.
  10. No exception will be taken into considerations, all damages noticed when checking in, will be charged according to damages penalties fees, and procedure.
  11. No argument will be taken in consideration.
  12. There is no refund for not using the equipment, whatever the reason might be.
  13. There is no refund for returning the equipment before the end of the rental period.
  14. If the client decides to shorten the rental period , there will be no refund, but a voucher will be proposed to use the left rental period later on.
  15. In case the equipment gets lost or stolen, the client will have to pay the shop price, (webstore), even if contracted an insurance (not covering loss or stolen).
  16. The client can switch his equipment for some others from same price category (sport/models/sizes)
  17. Switch as you wish possibilities depends on availabilities.
    The client has been informed about our :

  1. Test center / rental specific model (see test center section)
  2. Test center / Rentals process (see process section)
  3. Rental pricing system and tables (see pricing section)
  4. Security deposit solutions (see test and buy section)
  5. Switch as you wish bonus (see switch as you wish section)
  6. Damages and penalties procedure (see damages and penalties section)
  7. Rent and purchase options (see test and buy section