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Preguntas más frequentes sobre los alquileres de equipamiento en nuestro Procenter. / Frequently Asked Questions about rentals @ Line Up Procenter Fuerteventura

Rentals details

  • ✓ Line Up Fuerteventura offers a unique rental concept.
  • ✓ Each equipment has the same individual rental value.
  • ✓ 1 board = 1 Surfboard = 1 kite.
  • ✓ Renting a board or a kite =  a Solo.
  • ✓ Rent a combination of a board and a kite / sail  = Combo 2 etc …
  • ✓ Combo 3 or more (it works with groups).
  • ✓ Change to any sport, model and size of kite/board at no extra charge.
  • ✓ The right equipment at the right time, if there is no wind and no waves, you can adapt the equipment.
  • ✓ There is no day without going to the water, this is possible only with Line Up Fuerteventura.
  • ✓ Line Up we are Official Testcenter of F-one – Firewire.
  • ✓ Each year we receive the latest collections of our partner brands so you get to rent the equipment of the year.
  • ✓ Relax, travel light and with little luggage.
  • ✓ No more weight or stress at the Airport.
  • ✓ No more air carriers surcharges.
  • ✓ We accept bookings online .
  • ✓ Short and precise travel has never been easier
  • ✓ Enjoy your trip, no stress ! Just pick up your gear in our testcenter and go surfing or kiting
  • ✓ We recommend the best “spots”.
  • ✓ Test and Buy: come to our testcenter, and test our latest series of boards and kites
  • ✓ If you like the gear, we will deduct (maximum) 3 days the rent on the total purchase price.
  • ✓ Shipments abroad and national also available.

Line Up PREMIUM test center, what does that mean ?

First of all, we need to say that this concept could only exist with the support of our brand partners F.ONE – FIREWIRE – SOFTECH which have decided since 2010 to support us.

Fuerteventura is the European Hawaii, its a fantastic watersports destination receiving all nationalities during a non stop season of 365 days of various ocean conditions , no many days out of water possible here, that s why these brands helped to establish a high-end low-cost test center, in order to have a maximum of people being able to touch and bring to the water their latest products.

Indeed our offer is quite exceptional and our rental concept is innovative and different than most more conventional equipment rentals companies, where very often once can only rent pretty used equipment for a quite expensive rate. We do the opposite !!
Our challenge is to propose client an unmatched low-cost rental/testing formula on top brands and latest series!

Based in Fuerteventura we want to compete not with other classical watersports rental companies but with air companies and extra sports equipment or excess luggage fees.

We want our clients to choose us knowing it will be more conviennent for them to travel light, spare theyr own equipment the risk of damages during luggages transfers, avoid the stress at check in desk, enjoy theyr travel eventually with family or friends not having to struggle with loads of bags, knowing that for a similar extra luggage price and avoiding all that trouble they will be able to access a large amount of brand new equipment or almost (usually not more than 6 month at the center) from our top partners brands.

F.ONE – FIREWIRE – SOFTECH, in a SWITCH AS YOU WISH offer that covers KITE – SURF – SUP – FOIL where you can adapt as much as you want your rental quiver according to ocean conditions … drop your kite, grab a surf, drop the surf, grab a SUP etc … no additional fee !!

Why should I pay in advance?

We have a lot of demand at the test center, to avoid fake bookings or no show-up, and keep equipment available for clients who commit, we ask for full payment to validate a reservation.
It will guarantee that the equipment will wait for you at arrival. The other advantage is that we will do the all reservation process online (contract, deposit, etc …) , no more administration or paperwork in the shop, just pick up your gears.

Limited offer: Contracting Online up to 48 hours before using the products obtained free insurance (You will only pay an excess of €150 for total destruction or a 50% discount on minor damage)

What if I can not not travel at last minute because of COVID19 situation ?

Due to the recent COVID situation, we will refund 100% of your rental reservation if you can demonstrate by an official document that you can not travel. Positive to the virus, government decisions (this will be in the news)

25€ per 24H per item !!! For latest series equipment … how s that possible ?

Basically, we are a 2nd hand shop that sells and rents at the same time. The prices of every item are adjusted almost every day and depend on the amount of time it has arrived at the center, the value of 2nd hand market and the state of the item according to possible repairs etc… This is why very often you find an exceptional deal at Line up test center on semi-new equipment of the year!

We prefer speaking about testing than renting, the main idea is that clients try and discover the latest novelties and eventually buy them after testing knowing for a fact that it’s the right gear to buy.

In that case, 25€ (16€ IF U RENT FOR A WEEK) corresponds to a test price and for perfect use of the equipment, meaning the equipment comes back at the center in the exact same state that it has left. In this case, the equipment does not suffer an extra loss of value than normal.

However to be able to maintain such a model we need our clients to understand that if the TEST fee or rental cost is pretty cheap (25€ for 24h / 16€ IF U RENT FOR A WEEK) in case of damage we will need to compensate somehow the loss of value of the equipment. In other words in case of damage, the test client becomes automatically a SHOP client and needs to compensate not only the cost of repairs (by our professional workshops) but also: Loss of market value + Loss of rental income during an absence for the rental park.

This is why we have set up a penalty system that is meant to cover that losses and maintain our model sustainably.
So you need to be aware, rental is cheap, but damages are expensive …. That is the downside of having so many brand new articles available from very tops brands every season with a switch as you wish free bonus …

SOLO, COMBO 2, COMBO 3 …. Can you explain ?

Easy … this how are called our rentals packages.
SOLO is 1 item,
COMBO 2 = 2 items , 1 kite + 1 twin tip for example …
Etc …etc …

1 Board + 1 foil or Wing  = Combo #2 -10% discount
1 kite +1 board = Comobo 2 -10% discount

1 board + 1 foil + 1 wing = Combo #3 -20% discount

1 board + 1 board = 2 Combo #1 or 2 SOLO

SUP board + Paddle = SOLO
Foil board + foil = COMBO 2
All rentals are provided with no extra cost with leashes, board bags, roof straps

And Switch as you wish ?

Models, sports, sizes …
For example, let s take a SOLO = 1 kite bandit 2018 9m, for 7 days it will cost you 99€
during this period you ‘ll be able to switch it as often as you want for the other kite size, or a surf or a sup, you will need tough to drop your item at the center to make a change every time.

At that moment it will go back in the rental park and could be rented to the other client … we have quite a lot of stock but its always a possibility that you don’t find it back available, in this case maybe you should have gone for a combo 2 or just have added a 15€ for an extra item for that day …

you decide how you want to manage your rental quiver and rental budget, we give the possibility to actually be always in the water whatever the conditions are with no extra costs if you wish to switch!

100% rental refunds … really ?

Absolutely! After testing your equipment you decide to purchase it, we consider then that your rental period was really a test and we convert your rental fee as an investment in your new gear! We discount 100% of your rental/test fee from the price of the item you wish to buy*

*This offer covering the fees per item , not the total amount of rental if few items in the combo, its only covering 3 days rental (we believe its enough to get a correct idea if its the right purchase for you) and that offers is only possible if the purchase happens in the shop during your stay, it won’t be applied if you decide to buy later on our webstore.


For rental refund, if sales:  On fone, firewire max 3Days

Do you propose an insurance ?

Yes, we propose insurance, for 5€ /day per item it will cover all damages cost above 150€.
This means that still, small damages will need to be paid but in case of severe damage a maximum, a 150€ will be asked even if the equipment is totally destroyed.
However, the item must be brought back to the center.

BASIC DAMAGES = you will get a 50% discount in basic damages (see damages)

the insurance is not cover lost or stolen equipment.
In that case, the equipment must be purchased at the price of the day, we will discount the rental fee up to 3 days.



Damages fees / and procedures :

Sometimes its a bit difficult to understand the prices we ask when damages occur, as previously said that the downside to our model, but once can understand that if we don t compensate somehow the loss of value we will rapidly not be able to present such a quality offer anymore. That s the game to play.

Case nº1: minor damages* up to 150€
In this case, we only apply the damage penalty fee scale, Line Upkeep the equipment

M = 150€ / S = 100€ / XS = 50€

Accesories see special price list

Case nº2: Major Damages* above 150€

3 options :

1: The client decides to pay the price of the day ( ) and leaves with the damaged equipment ( SECOND HAND DEAL BUY AT WEBSTORE PRICE / NO REPAIRS COSTS INCLUDED )
2: The clients prefer to leave the equipment at line up and to only pay for the loss of value :
We look at the price of the day and we make an estimation on how much we will be able to price the item on the 2nd hand market after repairs.
The client will need to pay for :
Repair costs and Differences between price before repair and after repair ( PAY THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 2HAND PRICE AND NEW PRICE AFTER REPAIRS + REPAIRS COSTS ADDED )
3: the client has contracted the insurance. he will only have to pay 150€ franchise. The equipment stays at Line up.

*At any moment the client can decide to purchase the item at the price of the day ( webstore ) and not pay for damages fees.
In this case, we can propose our pro-workshop services to fix the item at cost prices.

Responsable Tratamiento

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