Surfboards and Soft boards new arrivals

The wave season has already started, we have not had big swells yet but the conditions are optimal to get in shape and start getting the feelings to the northern peaks of Fuerteventura. As for our Procenter, Firewire Surfboards has sent us a new round of rental tables for this winter, from the famous Cymatic by Kelly Slater and Tomo, the Dominator the most versatile table, a classic from our Testcenter, another new feature is the Vacay an interesting mini malibu, ideal to start on the green walls. From the hand of Mick Fanning we get the best soft boards in the market, after trying several tables, we can assure you that you are in the top in terms of surfing and design. All these models are available to surf, many of them to give them their first baptism in the waves of Fuerteventura

These months is when the surfers of the company started to feel like little children at Christmas. All the surf equipment starts to be renewed, we have the possibility to try dozens of surfboards, sup, keels and other accessories. The most revolutionary thing we have tried these days, has undoubtedly been the Van der Waal hexagonal grip, after a few minutes you can forget that you do not have wax on the table and that you will never need it again, it really works. Add to this that you will never again dirty your car or your clothes with melted wax from your boards. Little by little we will add 100% of our surf quiver in Line Up Procenter.

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