Surf beaches Fuerteventura

Surfing Fuerteventura in May

the most surfable island of the Canary Islands is for sure Fuerteventura, its arid and mountainous landscape are the perfect contrast for some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and surroundings. These beaches have different breaks for all levels of surfers who visit Fuerteventura.

The conditions of surf in May in Fuerteventura is still quite acceptable, although the winter of Olas has already ended and we are between two seasons, we can take advantage of the variety of waves and swells that give us the different coasts of Fuerteventura. The different surfing beaches in Fuerteventura break on reefs, stone peaks and also soft sand breaks.

The best beaches for surfing in may in Fuerteventura will be

  1. Cotillo: Cotillo is the most constant beach on the island of Fuerteventura, the waves tirelessly break between the 5 coves you’ll find south of the town of Cotillo. Waves can be fast and closed if the tide conditions are not adequate for the sandbanks that have formed. but always with pascience, you can rescue a good surf bath
  2. Moro: Moro beach, is a little jewel of the northeast of Fuerteventura, scene of many advertising campaigns and movies, its beauty and its location will give us a good result when looking for some waves to surf. Usually, endure very strong trade winds and hold any size swells of Northeast, there you can always surf while there is a minimum of force on that coast
  3. Burro: is a reef peak of stones that usually results in good right and left surfing, better at high tide or rising. The waves go in the whole size range. The best wind is that of the northern quadrant combing the waves that come from the northeast. This is the peak of excellence to surf in summer

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