Starting to Surf as a life Journey

Learn to Surf can be an arduous journey, progression can be particularly slow when you first start. Getting the right advice for a professional surf coach in Fuerteventura, as we have in Line Up Surf school its really important as this can save you a lot of unnecessary uncomfortable moments in this sport that depends so much on the ocean conditions.

You need to choose the right surfboard, the bigger the board, the more stable and buoyant it will be. This will maximise the amount of waves you’re able to catch, that means more pop-up and stance. Performance boards are fast and responsive, But you wouldn’t teach someone to drive in such a vessel, so we provide a big, durable soft-top.

Always its also important to check the conditions before you go surfing. we always the ocean before venture out. We go surfing in Fuerteventura depending on your surf limits and we won’t put yourself too far outside of your comfort zone. Small and gentle waves are great to start surfing in Fuerteventura.

The first thing to learn its the pop up on the sand before you enter the water and regularly at home to build body memory. Bending your knees and entire centre of gravity and improves your surfing balance, it will absorb any bumps you may encounter along the wave. 

Remember, the best way to get better as a surfer is to get in the ocean as much as possible after some solid courses with our surf coaches.

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