Rent a Surfboard in Corralejo

surfboard in COrralejo

The month of October in Fuerteventura, it´s the best time to surf in this beautiful island of the Canary archipelago.

Surfers from all corners of the world visit us to surf the famous waves of Fuerteventura, getting a surfboard to rent in Corralejo is not an easy thing if you are looking for good performance boards and modern designs. We know that, so we have renewed all our quiver of surfboards and longboards for hire. We have on of the biggest quiver of surfboards for rent in Fuerventura.

This time we highlight the most performance models necessary for the quality of winter waves, we add 3 surfboards models of Kelly Slaters Design: No Brainer – Freak – Cymatic, The Seaside by Rob Machado, the Hydronaut of TOMO and the classics like the Dominator, Greedy Beaver and Addvance.

In the bigger range of surfboards or longboards for rent, the Vacay, Taylor Jansen and the special T, the Longboard more performance as the Flexflight and the one quiver board as the GEM more suitable for all kind of conditions.

You can stop by our Procenter in Corralejo and try our surfboards for rent.

The Freak Review

No Brainer Review

Our Prices

the cost its 1 item per day and you can switch as you wish 1 kite / 1 item  1 board  / 1 item

1 day / día25,00€
2 days / días50,00€
3 days / días75,00€
4 days / días85,00€
5 days / días95,00€
6 days / días105,00€
7 days / días115,00€