November Surf lessons in Fuerteventura

By Line Up In School Surf Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Where are in November, the surf season it’s on in Fuerteventura. Our Surf School in Corralejo, has been working no stop, with full vans of stoked riders, ready to dominate the shore-breaks and why not some reef breaks as well. They have been surfing some white foams, also trying their first turns in the green walls, there is when they started feeling the sensation of real surfing in Fuerteventura. We achieve a lot of progress in surfing in Fuerteventura waves. We make stoked surfriders, and big friend every time we head to the corralejo’s beaches. We thank you guys for choosing Line UP Fuerteventura Surf School. Mateo, Manu and Luca our surf coaches send us this pics to show all the fun they have been having.


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