Kite and Surf Testcenter Outlet

In Line up Testcenter in Fuerteventura we make sure that our equipment is always on the highest level, looking for the best gear, that involves partnerships with the best brands out there, making sure that the client get´s delivered the newest products on the market.

With us can test the equipment, choose the surfboard, Sup or kite that fits you the most and could become also a future purchase. When you read the descriptions online it´s never going to be the same as taking the board to your hand and feeling it in the water under your feet. This can save you a lot of headaches and money in order to buy your gear.

Our qualified instructors and staff at the shop will make sure you choose you the right stuff. You can always ask advice from experienced riders that always have the opportunity to test new equipment every week.

We have worked a system that its´s actually better and more comfortable than travel without your own board bag, just come and choose the boards from our big range of equipment.

The “switch as you wish” rental formula permits you to change the boards or kite according to the daily conditions, so even you can test 7 boards in one week. Think about this, such amount of surfboards would really fit into your board bag? plus the advantage that you are traveling lighter! You can even get a 100% rental refund in case you buy a major item.

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