Firewire volume calculators

After Firewire released their first automated VOLUME CALCULATOR, they have received a lot of constructive feedback that highlighted the importance of offering volumetric suggestions for different abilities. As a result, they have expanded the utility of the VOLUME CALCULATOR by employing a 3-tiered approach that provides suggestions for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced surfers. Visit the calculator here!

We Remind you: The VOLUME CALCULATOR is only a guide! Physical variables will influence your decisionsuch as your ability, height and age, while the waves you surf and the water temp are also factors to consider.However, Here in Lineup have cross checked our VOLUME CALCULATOR formula against the preferences of a wide range of surfers and found it to produce a remarkably accurate suggestion.

A 3-Tiered Approach: The VOLUME CALCULATOR will produce suggestions for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced surfers. If a suggestion seems too big or small, make sure you have selected the calculator that best represents your ability.

Your Volume: The VOLUME CALCULATOR provides a MIN and MAX suggested volume. The lower volume indicates the MIN flotation for your Hi-Performance Shortboard, while the higher number indicates the optimum volume for a Hybrid or Pure Stoke model. Of course you will need to factor in your individual preferences before making a final selection.

Firewire believes that refinements to the shape of today’s modern surfboards can only produce incremental performance benefits. Exponential improvements in performance require the ongoing development of new materials and construction methods which, in turn, will fuel new design opportunities.