Firewire V4 Tomo board coming soon to Line UP

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We are happy to announce the arrival to our testcenter in Fuerteventura, the new high performance V4 model. Recently released by Firewire as result of joint efforts with Daniel Thomson of Tomo Surfboards and Firewire boards.

The V4 is a modern day high performance shortboard.  U can ride it in great waves but its incredibly versatile design makes it a great daily driver in any condition for a broad cross-section of surfers. Ideal to gain more speed and stability in the modern short board without compromising responsiveness and directional control.

The V4 maintains a considerably narrow, forward of center wide-point and straightened rail line to emphasize the classic ‘Tomo post-modern Hydrofoil curve’, and includes a 5/4/3 fin option.
The V4’s clean outline, bottom contours and foil will provide excellent speed and lift in small surf yet will have incredible hold and control when the surf is overhead.
Next September at Line UP Fuerteventura, Firewire Official Testcenter.

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