Firewire and Lineup

fire wire surfing

Our feedback with Firewire’s headquarters are getting stronger and stronger. Firewire are more than happy to promote their designs in the Canary Islands not only for surfing, but also for the growing market of kite surfing. Many locals kiters had test the Firewire kite boards and they are really impress with the versatility and the high performance the boards has for kiteboarding with waves and flat water.

In matter of surfing we are getting a lot of experimented surfers from north of Spain and France, even USA, well learned about the performance of this surfboards,  they enjoy the Testcenter concept of  trying new models and happy to avoid the stress of  carrying a surfboard from their home land.

Soon we will be getting more new Firewire’s models. Check the actual quiver bellow. (Some of them are already for sale in our second hand webstore.)

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