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Find Fcs Original plugs easier than ever

in order to identify quality products, Fcs started branded their plugs with logos. From now on it will be easier for you to demand to your local shaper for the best quality products for your surfing experience. Or at least realise if you are getting what you are expecting.

Julian Wilson and Medina signs for FCS

Fcs still escorting the best surfers in the world, their turns are more responsive than ever.

Simon Anderson’s new fin template

After more than 3 decades the thruster still the top board out there, his creator presented his new signature model for FCS.
Featuring a new name, logo and red aesthetic, the FCS SA-1 and SA-2 represent the latest version of Simon Anderson’s popular fin templates.
• Designed by Simon Anderson, based on the original 80’s thruster fin.
• Formally the FCS S-25, the new FCS SA-1 and SA-2 feature a new logo and red aesthetic.
• Sizes: FCS SA-1 (Medium), FCS SA-2 (Large)
• Available in tri or quad option
• Inside Foil Technology (IFT)

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