Choosing Surfboards by the Volume

Since computers came into play in the manufacture of surfboards the volume began to be a key factor in choosing the best board for each surfer. Apart from the volume, we also have to take into account the surfer’s ability, age and weight of course, and the type of waves to which the board would be destined. Today it is not surprising that a longer board has less volume than a board for summer days.

The important thing is to combine the liters with the type of shape and outline of the design, to be able to face the conditions of waves and the result that we are looking for.

The surf industry has incorporated the technology to be able to quickly calculate which table suits each of us. Thus it has been simplified for surfers not to make mistakes when choosing a board, and lose months of progression for not having the right quiver with you.

With Line Up Procenter, you get the chance to try as many boards you want, in a very short period of time.




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