Some fresh news from the Fuerteventura north shore surfing area

 Cotillo Sunday Surf session

This Sunday the students of our surf school in Fuerteventura gave it their all in the famous beach break located in Cotillo, the small but fun waves did not disappoint, perfect to consolidate everything learned during the week, the boys surfed the wall and put on Standing on almost all the waves, that is that […]

 Small but funny surf at Cotillo

The other day we decided to get a surf at Cotillo, the conditions were not epic, but still good enough for the boys to try their first waves rides, we downloaded the surfboards from the vans, and we head the famous beach break at North Fuerteventura, the epicenter of the surf at Cotillo. After a […]

 Surf session at Cotillo

The sandbanks in Cotillo has been really in a good position these past few weeks, the most experienced surfers have been enjoying some great sessions in Piedra playa ( El Cotillo ), clean walls and barreling sections. The Line Up students could also enjoy some easy waves / foamies, do the first rides in the […]

 Surfing March in Fuerteventura

March usually has good surfing conditions in Fuerteventura, winter swells are still pumping in the Canaries and the winds are not that strong as the next months about to come. Our Students has been enjoying some great sessions, these days we got lucky enough to get ground swells from the North and North-west and also […]

 Testing the new VAN DER WAAL GRIP

The idea of finding an alternative to wax for our more than 200 rental surfboards, was not so much a desire but a necessity, the constant maintenance that it requires satisfying our customers, multiplied by 200, consumes us a lot of time and energy. Each of our customers places the wax on the board in […]

 Firewire surfboards rentals new load

The flow of Testcenter and rental surfboards does not stop, now it is time for the new Machado models for the surfers with more flow: the Go-fish and the Midas, and for the more advanced: the Gamma Slater design and SKK – Stuart Keneddy pro model -. We were already testing / Surfing the Midas […]

 November Surf lessons in Fuerteventura

Where are in November, the surf season it’s on in Fuerteventura. Our Surf School in Corralejo, has been working no stop, with full vans of stoked riders, ready to dominate the shore-breaks and why not some reef breaks as well. They have been surfing some white foams, also trying their first turns in the green walls, […]

 Teiva tested the Firewire Flexflight

Firewire FLEXFLIGHT’S are truely high-performance longboards. A shape that does well in a variety of conditions, and of course in the majority of the Sufing conditions here in Fuerteventura. This board it’s a good choice for going down the line, carving or cruising. The Timbertek makes them very durable and lightweight with the same superior performance characteristics made […]

 Teiva goes Torpedo

Our team rider, Teiva Joyeux, picked the Torpedo Board to test in a small but really fun session, this board its part of the Softech Performance Soft-tops collection we received last month in our Test Center in North Fuerteventura. The Torpedo is explosively fast & fun. Paddles like a longboard, surfs like a fish, and […]

 Softech Summer Series arrival

At our Procenter in Fuerteventura we are proud to present the new collection of Softech Soft-top Surfboards ready for you to test and rent. A full Summer Series of soft-boards, handmade from highly durable materials, and constructed using proven manufacturing techniques. Softech surfboards are built to withstand the toughest of treatment and are available in […]

 Kite and Surf Testcenter Outlet

In Line up Testcenter in Fuerteventura we make sure that our equipment is always on the highest level, looking for the best gear, that involves partnerships with the best brands out there, making sure that the client get´s delivered the newest products on the market. With us can test the equipment, choose the surfboard, Sup […]

 March Surfari Session

Last week we hosted advanced surfers in our surf camp in Corralejo. They came alone without knowing any Fuerteventura surf spots, so with help of Line Up they could move themselves around in a great company of our surf instructor Lucca, visiting all the spots of Fuerteventura north shore, who would give them some tips […]

 New batch of Firewire boards

We have received the long awaited reinforcement for our quiver to finish this winter season and face the 2017 campaign. Highlights include Slater and Tomo surfboards, and the highly recommended board designs by Rob Machado. All the surfboards are for rent in Corralejo from day one. You can be the first to take them to […]

 Choosing Surfboards by the Volume

Since computers came into play in the manufacture of surfboards the volume began to be a key factor in choosing the best board for each surfer. Apart from the volume, we also have to take into account the surfer’s ability, age and weight of course, and the type of waves to which the board would […]

 October Surf Courses Sessions

October its one of the better months of the year to learn how to surf in Fuerteventura, since you have one of the best swells consistency and optimal water temperature; The waves are mostly good to very good in this month, plus you can surf just in your boardshorts till almost middle of December. All […]

 Surfboard rental quiver update

we just received over 30 new Firewire, Machado and Slater designs boards batch. All of them are available for rent for day one. This year we are happy to add to our Firewire collection, the new Rob Machado Creeper and Almond butter, the Slater Scfi and Omni, the Tomo Evo and Vanguard. Some nice longboards […]

 Kids surf lesson in Fuerteventura

All this like a game, Kids gets the opportunity to learn about the surfing experience in Fuerteventura, the sunwave fun, beach safety, ocean awareness and surfing techniques with qualified instructors, for his safety that why the Lessons held in small groups for maximum safety. find your Sunwave in Fuerteventura Surfing takes place in the white […]

 Private Surf Course

Davide and Students on a Private Surf Course in Corralejo – Fuerteventura, soft and nice green walls for beginners, trying their first rides on the wall, learning how to turn their surfboards, this time they choose softops surfboards special for improving their surf level in a safe environment.

 Surf Course East Coast Fuerteventura

This week brought us waves on the east coast, and our surf school instructors as always found a site with good conditions for novice surfers in Fuerteventura. The east coast of Fuerteventura is characterized with good waves to learn to surf, with soft walls and sand bottom beach breaks.

 Surf Lesson

Surf Lessons in Fuerteventura are on! Whether you’re an individual determined to get up on a wave, a group or family wanting your own surfing experience,needing some feedback on your surfing technique, our Lineup surf lessons give you that extra attention to details and a dedicated surf coach to work with. Check our latest surf […]

 Lobos Surf Session

 Family Surf School Course

Beginner surf class in the Canaries with a family group, taking the first shots in the white water waves in Fuerteventura’s beach break. After a quick warm up and stretch a nice and safe session with the foamies in Playa Blanca in central Fuerteventura, with our surf instructor always in the water looking for the […]

 Corralejo Grandes Playas surf lesson

Nice Surf morning session at grandes playas just a few minutes from Corralejo, really beautiful white sand beach and soft waves, ideal to learn how to surf, the instructor Davide always in the water close to the students giving quick tips to imprive surfing in Corralejo faster.

 Corporate Group Goes Surfing

We just got the pics from our latest corporate group going surfing to Cotillo beachbreak. Most of the guys could stand up on the foamies even knowing it was the first time they have actually try to surf. Check the photo gallery of our course last weekend, you can appreciate the process on our surf […]

 Surf Bajita Corralejo Waikiki

 Lobos boat trip

 Surf School Academy Fuerte

 Surf school groms Fuerte

 Surf school Fuerteventura video

Surf School Fuerteventura from Lineupfuerte on Vimeo.

 Surf School Kids Session

Surfing Canarias Junior Class from Lineupfuerte on Vimeo.

 Firewire choosing board new app

Firewire is trying to facilitate how to select your surfboard, selecting from a list of surfboards, your level in the water, physical condition and quality of the waves, thus ensuring an indispensable tool to order a surfboard or go to any surfshop to buy it. The design and development of surfboards today can only bring […]

 Surf rental Fuerteventura Best prices

ONLY SURF SWITCH We are improving our prices in ‘Surf Rental Fuerteventura’ to provide better service for people who come to our island just for surfing, and doesn’t want to change between Kite, Sup or Wind. You can enjoy the best Firewire products at lower cost, and with the possibility of changing your board on […]

 Mark Price and Firewire Surfboards

In the beginning of 2000 was when Salomon and Surftech changed the game in the traditional surfboards fabrication, the market was ready for new innovations. Was that time when NEV and Bert Berger got together to create Firewire Surfboards. After this Mark Price entered the company as a CEO, to take the company to the […]

 Firewire Surfboards September 2014 Arrivals

More than 25 new Firewire kite boards and surfboards just arrived to our Testcenter in Fuerteventura, completing our quiver for this surfing season that it’s just starting right now in the Canary Islands. The most innovative models are ready for u to test and experience a fresh look of what is new in the Surfboard […]

 Summer Surf Sessions Mirko Manduca

Finally August has been generous to surfers in North Fuerteventura, with and amazing North-east wind swell mixed with some south ground swell. As a result we could enjoy more than seven straight days of solid surf, as a warm up for the next season about to start next month, as soon the north and northwest […]

 Firewire Double Agent Review

Inspired by skimboarders doing big carves and airs with curvy outlines boards. Firewire incorporate this characteristics to the Double Agent, but adding more volume to the nose to preserves the elevated paddle power and your chest floating. From small to medium size waves the Double Agent Suitable for surfers of all abilities. Sam Lamiroy talks […]

 Pecas and the Firewire Rocket V2

Sebastian Casillas Dorta, testing the Firewire Rocket V2 at one of the best Fuerteventura reef breaks.

 New Firewire models for 2014

Firewire just announces this new 2014 models, the featuring shapes by Nev Hyman, Dan Mann and Daniel Thomson, the main characteristic is reducing board length but improving performanc. The hashtag …the end result is an epic combination of performance and versatility, ride it 1 or 2 inches smaller. The double agent …an evolution on the […]

 Gromet Surfboard Rental in Fuerteventura

We are the only testcenter, to rent high performance boards for very young Surfers. Usually is very hard for parents on a surf trip to find the proper board for their kids, the level of the new surfers is improving every day, and they need the right equipment to face the high quality waves we […]

 What is surfing for you?

Two guys got the chance to travel the world and do many interviews about surfing, surfers and the lifestyle stigmatization. Nico one of the Lineup boys got some things to say about it… check it out…

 Pecas and Hercules

The last week of October the big swell, that everyone was talking about in mainland Spain surf community, finally hit Fuerteventura but maybe with to much wind. Experienced surfers like José L. “Pecas” Casillas always can find a place shelterd from the wind, and with epic conditions. Rider: Pecas Board: Firewire Mayhem F1 / squash […]

 José Luciano Pecas Casillas testing Firewire for Lineup

José Luciano Casillas a.k.a. “Pecas”, a well know Canarian Pro Surfer, it’s gonna be testing our Firewire Surfboards to help us recommend our staff and our clients, wich board is better than other and for wich conditions. Check the gallery: Pecas surfing 5’10 Unibrow (thanks Mojo for the pics)

 Firewire rental quiver ready for Fuerteventura winter surf season

The surfing Season in Fuerteventura is already on! and we are proud to present our complete Firewire quiver, ready for u to rent and test. Some of the hottest Firewire models are already at the shop, like the Tomo Vanguard and the V2, as well with the Mayhem V2 Rocket and The Mini Driver. On […]

 V2 Rocket arrived at Lineup

The Firewire quiver is almost ready for this Winter season in Fuerteventura, we just got 5 new advance boards for the beginners surfers and 2 of the new Mayhem V2 Rocket, the perfect board for small to medium size surf. The V2 Rocket Tail has a bit less rocker, with less concave on the fins […]

 Surf and SUP season in Fuerteventura is on

Surf and Stand Up Paddle season is on in North Shore Fuerteventura, We have been enjoying nice and glassy sessions in many of the surf and sup spots that Fuerteventura has to offer. Our Surf School, Sup School and our Race Clinics are working daily with professional coaches and top equipment. For the more adventurers, […]

 Firewire quiver renewal

We are so happy to announce the arrival of part of the renewal quiver for this Autumn / Winter surfing season, this time we focus also on the high performance boards, so guys that surf at a high level can hit the Fuerteventura waves with an appropriate board…

 Firewire launches V2 Rocket by Biolos

We recreatonial surfers, that most of the times get to surf average waves, the Rocket design by Lost has been the most revolutionary shape we could discover without adding more size to our everyday board. Now that Firewire will start producing the Rocket V2 by Biolos, you must have one of this boards in you […]

 Firewire V4 Tomo board coming soon to Line UP

We are happy to announce the arrival to our testcenter in Fuerteventura, the new high performance V4 model. Recently released by Firewire as result of joint efforts with Daniel Thomson of Tomo Surfboards and Firewire boards. The V4 is a modern day high performance shortboard.  U can ride it in great waves but its incredibly […]

 Surf & Sup Photo Session

Nice Surf and Sup sunset session with the colaboration of the great photographer Miguel A. J. Perfect location in the east coast host the best conditions in Canaries for surfing and Sup beginners. Enjoy the gallery and book your surf lessons in fuerteventura with us. [slickr-flickr tag=”miguel” items=”10″ type=”gallery” size=”m800″ thumbnail_size=”s150″ flickr_link=”on”]

 Kids Camp II

Another fun time for the Lineup surf instructors and the kids attending the Lineup Surf School – Summer Courses. Various games at the beach and after a good surfing initiation session at the one of the best Fuerteventura beach-break. Check the gallerie and enjoy!

 Getting Ready for the Winter with Firewire

FRESH !!! 50 new Firewire boards just arrived @ the test center, latest shapes are now available for rental : hellrazor, potatonator, fishtail, Michel Bourez, among the new models now in the raks ! now all the kiteboards models are also available for testing, taj , quadfish, dominator, flexfire, hellfire ….

 New Vacational Package

Brand new contemporary and beautifully furnished luxurious 3-bedroom villas, with 2 or 3 bathrooms. The villas have a spacious living room and fully equiped kitchen, tv and free wifi acces. Each house has a private swimmingpool and jacuzi, large terasses and a bbq. The villa’s are situated in a quiet rural aerea, in the cotillo […]

 Surf School Uni break!

Yesterday we got a big group from the Brogoña University, we had a nice initiation session at the east coast. Check the pics [slickr-flickr tag=”university” items=”5″ type=”gallery” size=”m800″ thumbnail_size=”s150″ flickr_link=”on”]

 Private surf lesson

The last few days we been giving personalized 2 hours surf lessons, surfers received ‘hands on’ tuition both on the beach and in the water, the maximized their learning potential, in a few minutes they where riding walls other than white foams and be able to turn a little. The main key is that the […]

 Surf school

  The surf school in Fuerteventura its working more than ever, and still waiting for you to book with us! The best surfer is the one who is having the most fun; thats our goal to you to have fun and keep you safe in the Canarian waves. We don’t want to keep you riding […]

 Fcs New Releases and news

Find Fcs Original plugs easier than ever in order to identify quality products, Fcs started branded their plugs with logos. From now on it will be easier for you to demand to your local shaper for the best quality products for your surfing experience. Or at least realise if you are getting what you are […]

 April Session Fuerteventura Surf School

Our Instructor had a nice session with intermediate surfers from our school in the beach break at burro / glass beach. They found perfect conditions to improve duck diving and take offs in small surf. The concept of our surf school is small groups and high quality materials and the best instructors. We want you […]

 Billabong wetsuits Line Up testcenter

The last few days all the latest billabong wetsuits arrived for you to try them, either rent them or to used them in our schools. The Surf school, Sup school and Kite school from now on counts with the best wetsuits and gears on the market. Hardly you will find such a premium equipment in […]

 New Firewire’s Rental Models Reviews

Surf rentals in Fuerteventura, has never been as good. We will get the latest Firewires models in the market in matter of few weeks. You can check the videos to knowledge the performance of this models that we gonna focus more in the next summer season.

 Learn to surf with us

The Line Up Surf school Fuerteventura it’s on and running, so you only have to book with us for the convenient day for you, friends and family. You will have an unique experience in the water with our best instructors, the best equipment, an on the best spot on the island depending the daily conditions. […]

 New Firewire models

We are ordering the new models of Firewire for our testcenter, this are some of the models that will be available in a few weeks for you to test, compare, switch and reserve for a future buying in our second hand webstore. The Line Up rental concept is the only one that brings the oportunity […]

 Line Up becomes official Billabong testcenter

In Line Up we are having an amazing start of year 2012! We are more than happy to announce the new partnership with Billabong Europe, that will provide our Testcenter, Schools and Ocean Guides with the latest Billabong’s wetsuits, technical material and accessories. Billabong join our partner’s club together with Naish,, Firewire, Fcs. We […]

 Life is better in boardshorts

Another amazing Billabong’s video posted in Taj’s blog, with nice airs tricks and perfect indo waves. check it out!  

 Firewire and Lineup

Our feedback with Firewire’s headquarters are getting stronger and stronger. Firewire are more than happy to promote their designs in the Canary Islands

 Firewire`s Longboard surfer Taylor Jensen

After compiting since he was 17, Taylor Jensen achieved The ASP Longboard World Tittle.

 FCS Official Test Center

We’re happy to announce you our partnership with FCS. As a result of this you will have the opportunity to test with every product you rent at our Testcenter the latest FCS gear: leashes, fins, pads and board bags.

 The Meyerhoffer 9’2

In Lineup Testcenter we have a goal, that is provide you the best and latest equipment, in our last trip to France we found The Meyerhoffer, one of the most innovative and most radical leap in surfboard design in the last 50 years.

 Firewire volume calculators

After Firewire released their first automated VOLUME CALCULATOR, they have received a lot of constructive feedback that highlighted the importance of offering volumetric suggestions for different abilities. As a result, they have expanded the utility of the VOLUME CALCULATOR by employing a 3-tiered approach that provides suggestions for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced surfers. Visit the […]


FCS took Chippa Wilson to India to put the FCS travel luggage range to the test and build a campaign around his journey.

 Firewire High Performance

In the past durability of epoxy has come at the expense of performance. Since the last few years everything cahnged with the Firewire’s balsa railed & high density aerospace composite epoxy. Are they Indestructible? …I would say they are definitely stronger than the average PU board. The board could brake if u had a crack […]

 Sumbawa Dreams

 Southern Weekend Fuerteventura

We managed to catch the last part of the swell, and surf some small ones …check the gallery!

 Lineup Tv • Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean

Lineup TV presents this short surfing footage as warm up of the board sports filming we want to share with you on the future…

 New Firewire boards

  We got the latest Firewire Surfboards for you to test. Get the highest performance with this amazing shapes. You could even be the first one to ride one of our new models. Pass by the Testcenter, you can choose from an experimental model like the sweet potatoe, great for small to medium sizes waves, […]

 James Woods & Lazi Ruedegger Canaries

Australian pro surfer James Woods (two times junior world champion) visited Fuerteventura. He and Lazi explored the variety of surfspots that the island has to offer. Check the video from “James” Vimeo channel… James Woods & Lazi Ruedegger Canaries from james woods on Vimeo.

 Taj’s Firewire Quiver

Taj Burrow`s show us his Firewire Quiver for the rest of 2011. Test the 2012 Taj’s pro models at Line UP Testcenter. Buggs gets behind the scenes with Taj Burrow to talk Surfboards and his Personal Favorites.

 South Fuerteventura Session

Part of the Lineup crew follow the swell to the south part of the Fuerteventura, to one of the best surf spot in the island. Was the perfect ocassion to test the new Firewire Surfboards we got for the Line Up Testcenter. Check the Gallery for the best pics…

 The Seaglass Project – Alaia

Test the new Seaglass Project – Tuna Model. Now @ Line up Testcenter! The Tuna’s rocker profile is very flat so it is easy to catch waves. The combination of the curves and hard rails holds the board into the wave face. Being finless means minimal drag, which allows maximum speed even on the smallest […]

 Surf and Art I

A canarian and a Basque surfer show us random pics of surfing in a artistique point of view! Some of the best Canarian breaks showned in this gallery, Enjoy… De Amor Y Arte, New Visions from the Old World by