Surfboard Rental Fuerteventura and testcenter

Since 2010 “Lineup Ocean Sports – surfboard rental Fuerteventura and Testcenter” is the first and best premium surfboard hire in Fuerteventura, the biggest “rental center in the Canaries”.

The quality of our surfing equipment and Longboard quiver does not mean that we don’t have competitive prices, the savings are significant compared with the rates and costs of bringing your own equipment by airplane, plus the incomparable opportunity to test Firewire surfboards in almost all models and sizes.

Switch as you wish

Flexibility and Freedom to choose the best surfboard rental for every day’s conditions and size of the waves, with the possibility of exchange between surfboards, switch as much as you want even between water sports.

No other store offers you the possibility of renting high-quality boards at a competitive price in Corralejo. In Lineup surfboard rental Fuerteventura, We have surfboards suitable for your level and physical qualities. With over 100 surfboards at your reach, you will never miss a surf session in Fuerteventura. Surf any point break in Corralejo with our surfboard selection, take full control of your surf trip.

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Our Prices

the cost its 1 item per day and you can switch as you wish 1 kite / 1 item  1 board  / 1 item
1 day / día25,00€
2 days / días50,00€
3 days / días75,00€
4 days / días85,00€
5 days / días95,00€
6 days / días105,00€
7 days / días115,00€


1 ITEM X 24HRS when u book a week
surf hire


1 item + traje  x 24 hrs

Our Rental Quiver

Book online your surf equipment before u come to Fuerteventura

Choose your rental period


Frequently Asked Questions about surf rentals in North Shore Corralejo

Why rent with Line Up Firewire Procenter ?

  1. 1. Get try a quality Firewire / Slater / Tomo  surfboard without having to buy it.
  2. To surf a quality surfboard for the whole length of your stay in Fuerteventura without the hassle of bringing your own board in the plane, avoiding the high airline transport fee
  3. Travel stress free, save time on the way to the airport, it doesn’t matter how much you love surf-trips but travel with surfboards sucks.
  4. Let’s be real, conditions change all the time, so thats why you need to change boards almost every day, depending the swell conditions, this exchange it not suppose extra cost.
  5. You get to surf a top brand surfboard, to try them, test how they feel under your feet and decide maybe if you want to buy one for you.
  6. If one day you are tired you can just try Longboarding, or give it a try to the softops in some nice beach break close-outs.
  7. Try as many surfboards you can it will give you knowledge about the different shapes and how they influence your performance as a surfer.


  1. We provide all the accessories as: fins / leashes / board-bags / roof-straps / some  wax with not extra charge.
  2. We can rent you a Wetsuit if you need it, the cost its around 5 euros per day if you rent a board.
  3. Fins are usually FCS 2 and Typical longboard central fin system for the biggest surfboards

Do I need to reserve a surfboard for rent?

  1. You can always just pass by and check what surfboards are available. But, we recommend you to reserve online to asure your self the right board for your surfing. Even we have a huge rental quiver you never know if some other client will rent the board you were looking for.
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