Pilates in Fuerteventura

In Pilates, the movement is our expertise and our activities can benefit a wide range of ages and physical abilities of our visitors as well as local residents. Our Pilates Effectively strengthen and tone your postural and core muscles, loosen up your joints, improve your breathing and body awareness, all this will give you an extra boost on the practice of your water sports.

Line Up Studio fully-equipped Pilates studio in Corralejo which also host other modalities under one roof: yoga, tai-chi, and BJJ. Our studio is located in the high part of Corralejo, just next door of our Kite and Surf Procenter, where u can also learn how to surf, kite or SUP. Also, you will find the latest watersports equipment on the market, for rent just at amazing prices.

Pilates in Corralejo is the ultimate way to exercise! Classes are catered few times a week, with personalized tracking of all your exercises and postures. Whether you are looking to transform your body shape, improve your body posture, increase your boardrider performance our highly professional and capable instructor will design a perfect program for you.

Restructure and realign your body with Pilates to bring upon ease of movement and optimal function and vitality, heal old injuries and manage chronic pain while you get in shape and prepare your body as well to the practice of other watersports for example. Contact us for more info about your pilates holidays, we can arrange accommodation here in Fuerteventura.

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