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We are in the middle of summer and there is very little for the wave season in Fuerteventura and its swells in the north and with that comes our anxiety as surfers to get fit. The truth is that, among many alternatives, such as BJJ and Yoga, there is a discipline that is taking more and more popularity among athletes. It is about combining Surfing with Functional Training, or functional training, a method aimed at all those surfers or not, who want to lose weight and gain muscle mass. As its name implies, it consists of improving the functional capacity of the workouts we do, working the strength and muscular strength to improve in water sports.

It can be done as a group, or individually. More and more surfers choose it for its dynamics and effectiveness when it comes to burning a lot of calories (800/1000) in a short time and toning absolutely the whole body.

Functional training will maximize your performance in and out of the water.

One of the points in Fuerteventura where this activity is carried out is in the Moskova Studio in Corralejo, organized by Erika de Passionate Fitness. Each class is a complete circuit of exercises with different elements, such as medicine ball, kettlebells, suspension bands, weights, dumbbells, ropes, among others. Each exercise has an implosion interval with its respective rest. and later focusing on the abdominals and stretching.

1 person1 session 25€10 sessions bono 200€
2 to 4 persons1 session 18€ per person10 sessions bono 160€ per person
Walk in 10€ per day / personResident 8€ per day / personMonth 40€ / per person
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