Stand Up Paddle Etiquette

Is the most important thing to follow
before you paddle out there


sup share waves

When sharing spot with a powered sport (Paddle) or using a longboard leave waves 4 shortboarders


sup share waves

When there is no many surfers you can share some waves

lineup awareness

go home

When there is many surfers move to the next uncrowded place

A guide to keep everyone safe and happy in the water

This generally applies to longboarders, or stand-up paddlers. Since it’s easier to catch waves on these watercraft, it becomes tempting to catch them all, leaving nothing for shortboarders on the inside, that are the surfers with priority.

Just because you can catch all the waves doesn’t mean you should.

May Vary according to surf conditions, localism, experience, and skills of the riders. Remember to say hi when u paddle out to a crowded lineup. Respect locals and more experienced surfers. Beginners: don’t paddle out to the middle of a packed lineup.