Free surfer Teiva Joyeaux

“The Versatile Waterman”

Teiva Joyeux is an experienced all-round waterman. He has a background as a professional windsurfer, kiteboarder and surfer, and his life represents the essence of a true “waterman.”

Teiva grew up in Tahiti and has spent most of his life enjoying the wind and the waves of the Pacific Ocean. A versatile island-boy by nature, Teiva has acquired the skills necessary to enjoy the ocean regardless of the conditions: if it´s windy, Teiva will go windsurfing or kiteboarding, if the waves are good, he´ll go surfing, and if there is no wind and there are no waves, he will perhaps choose to go for a long paddle on his SUP (Standup Paddling board) or in his “va’a” (Tahitian outrigger canoe) or simply go freediving and swimming.

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Teiva has spent most of his life living on islands— Tahiti, Moorea, New Caledonia, Maui, Oahu— and now Fuerteventura. He lived at Teahupo’o for 6 years, surfing and tow-surfing the wave every swell.

He also worked there as a water patrol during the World League competitions, driving jet-ski to ensure the safety of pro-surfers. His expertise in ocean-security, combined with his wave- and ocean-knowledge is a great addition to the LineUp Team.

Teiva—like Manu—had a vision of creating a place where ocean-lovers could come and try out or refine their skills in various watersports, as well as a place to crosstrain and get the full experience of a being a versatile waterman or woman.

In 2017 Teiva teamed up with Manu to develop the Moskova Studio, situated right next to the Lineup Test Center. Moskova is a brand of surf, Brazilian jiu jitsu and yoga clothes, which also establishes small training centres where people can attend classes or workshops to have the experience of « crossing over » from surfing to other types of training.

With the Moskova studio, visitors at Lineup can get the experience of high quality training in various sports, and really get the feeling of how professional athletes train; combining watersports with studio-training of various disciplines in order to optimise their physical and mental condition.

Teiva continues to bring his expertise of the various watersports at the LineUp procenter, always with the intention of sharing the pure stoke of being in the ocean regardless of the weather conditions, and training to feel fit, healthy, strong, flexible and ready for the next session.

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