Some fresh news from the Fuerteventura north shore paddle surfing area

 Sup to Lobos Island April

Isla de Lobos is one of the most incredible natural places in the Canary Islands, a refuge for marine fauna with a unique beauty that is difficult to reproduce in other parts of the world. The closeness to Corralejo makes it possible for us to enjoy it periodically, always in a responsible manner. That is […]

 Sup Foiling in Corralejo

STAND UP PADDLE foiling! Foil is a toy that lately people went crazy about! It´s a new feeling, which disconnects you from reality, and feels like flying! You wouldn´t believe it, but actually the foil in a surfboard was used for the first time by Laird Hamilton in the year 2000! He took the wing, […]

 Papenoo 2017 SUP – Rent the board that shreds

F-ONE SUP – Papenoo 2017 from F-ONE SUP on Vimeo. Short sups focus on speed, acceleration and maneuverability on smaller waves. Short means agility and square ads stability. Maximum glide and enjoyable ride. Board thickness remains quite standard to keep some good control. These boards are designed to be fitted with an SUP foil. It […]

 Stand Up Paddle Sessions in Fuerteventura

We are entering on the surf and Sup season in Fuerteventura, from S.U.P. initiation courses, to Lobos Sup excursions, our experience instructor Olaf Bowman has all the tips to help you improve fast on this amazing sport. The learning Curve is not that hard as other sports, but the results can be so amazing on […]

 October Sup excursion at Lobos

Another beautiful October day, we take a nice paddle with the inflatables around Lobos Island …enjoying the nice summer feel, water so pristine and transparent that we also have to do some snorkel. Olaf well knows the area, and find us the best spots to make this even more cool.

 New Stand Up Paddle boards arrival

We just got the new Fone and Naish Stand up Paddles boards, our rental quiver it´s bigger than ever, 97% percent of our boards are 2017, brand new and ready to be tested, this year collection comes very color-full and with the latest technologies. We got a lot of very surfer boards, and few nice […]

 Sup initiation Waikiki Bay Corralejo

Sup initiation at Waikiki Bay at Corralejo, Olaf took the students to have their first approach on Stand Up Paddle. This is a perfect place to get the first tips on Stand Up Paddle because of his calm and flat waters. Also, only a few meter paddling you can try your first wave riding.

 Private SUP Lobos excursion

We prepared a private SUP Lobos excursion for our clients, it’s been cool to see the guys get initiated in the stand-up paddle with a safe option as inflatable sups are. After a nice walk on Lobos island, get to eat fresh fish from the local restaurant, do some snorkelling, and back to Corralejo after […]

 Intensive Clinic

What we do Sea kayak, Surfski and SUP Pro Clinics. We are profesional sportsmen that used to compete at the highest level and we are well trained to teach our favorite water sports. Depending on the weather, conditions and everyone’s skills and abilities we will practice in the water, talk about theory, we may also […]

 Stand up Paddle Surf Waves Session

Fun Sup with waves session at Rocky point ( aka ) Punta Elena, Some small to medium size waves breaking on the reef in Corralejo Bay. Ideal for intermediate stand up paddlers, Olaf giving helpful tips to improve your level and technic and also catching a good ones.

 Lovers and Redo Downwind

Fuerteventura Stand up paddle Downwind from Fresh & Ready on Vimeo.

 Stand Up Paddle Lobos Excursion

More and more clients wants to do the Stand Up Paddle Excursion at Lobos Islands, The conditions its been amazing with almost summer temperatures, clear water and the best lineup Procenter equipment.

 Catamaran and Wake Group Session

One day is surfing session, other day an relaxing morning at Lobos Island, snorkelling, wakeboarding or just relaxing on the deck of the Catamaran. Enjoying the beauty of this Natural Reserve, an incentive package for your group experimenting the Canary Islands, just a few hours of any European Capital.

 Detox Sup Session Lobos

We headed to Lobos Island Lagoons with all the girls to a “Detox” inflatable stand up paddle session. We had a nice morning with sunny skies and cristal waters, another perfect Fuerteventura’s spot has to offer.

 Sup Excursion Lobos

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Excursion Lobos Fuerteventura from Lineupfuerte on Vimeo.

 Corporates Incentive with Lineup

 Christmas season arriving

The Surf and SUP season has begun this Fall with excellent waves and spectacular glassy conditions as we had not seen in recent years. At lineup we have renewed our quiver and we are fully prepared for the winter swells. You can test and switch as many boards you want till you find the perfect […]

 Fone Inflatable Sups Arrival

Our SUP sessions in flat water, specially the ones on the Lobos natural lagoons formed between the reefs in the east side of this beautiful Island, they gonna be more suitable for groups, families and beginners paddlers with our new F-one inflatable Stand up Paddle boards. We just got more than a dozen new Fone […]

 Windsurf in Fuerteventura

 Sup Courses and Clinics video


Fone 2016 Sup Collection just arrived to our Lineup Procenter Fuerteventura, an official Fone Testcenter. Some of the best Stand up paddle boards on the market, are ready for you to test. You can rent a brand new board for just 29€ a day or save renting for a full week for 99€. Most of […]

 Saturday Corporate Group

Catamaran’s fun at Lobos this past Saturday, nice clean and pristine waters, full of fish and some nice wake board sessions.

 Lineup corporate group at Lobos

Lineup hosted Holland’s corporate group, wide range of water activities around Lobos outing to an unique and memorable experience.

 Thijs Stand UP Paddling Fuerteventura spot Rocky Point

Thijs shows us his the stand up paddling Fuerteventura, more exactly in Rocky point in the North Shore of Corralejo

 Dana’s Kite Sup Surf trip in Fuerteventura

One of our visitors enjoying the switch as you wish Rental Combo in Fuerteventura. As you can see in the video she is a an expert watersports woman! enjoy the video!

 Fone Sup Welcome on Board Video

Stunning pictures brougth by Fone, epic waves and a spectacular backdrop, Tahiti will never miss your expectations, with his beauty of the island and the kindness of its people. Riders: Poenaiki RAIOHA, Patrice CHANZY, Aude LIONET CHANFOUR, Manutea MONNIER, Rémi QUIQUE, Camille SALLES, Marie SWITALA, Filippe FERREIRA, Mitu MONTEIRO, Raphaël SALLES, Micka FERNANDEZ.

 Fone in Guadalupe Video release

Vincent TIGER • GWADA 2015 from TIGER Productions on Vimeo.

 Fone Fuerteventura Testcenter arrivals

Santa Claus came earlier this season to our testcenter. Visitors coming to our Fone official testcenter will enjoy a new range of Fone Stand up Paddle boards, kite surfboards and Kites. You can be the first of riding the new equipment with no price difference from renting older gear. Visit us and happy holidays!


Fone presented his new models for 2014, all the design and technologies put together for the improvement of the performance of the riders that choose this top brand. Each video counts with an audio in off explaining the features of each models… F-ONE SUP MADEIRO PRO 2014 F-ONE SUP MADEIRO 2014 F-ONE SUP MADEIRO 2014 […]

 Sup inflatable session waves

Kike, Javi Jimenez and some Lineup Ocean Sports Academy Students got a nice small SUP session with the newest inflatable Fone Sups we just got at Line UP Testcenter. The potential of the “Inflatable” technology is that when you need a big board, with the rigid ones you go to heavy and is hard for […]

 Tijs Lineup Team Stand Up Paddle – Latest Pics

Tijs keeps searching for the best SUP conditions either in Fuerteventura Canary Islands, France or Holland. We just got his later pictures. Check the gallery…

 Fuerteventura Sup Challenge

Line Up Sup Team for the FUERTEVENTURA SUP CHALLENGE WAVES AND RACE 2013 got really good results in race sprint, in the Junior Category with Javy Jimenez (with a board) and Mirko Manduca got to the podium. With the big boys Sam Teplicky got also a good position with a Naish 12” board. This […]

 New Stand up paddle School video

We been filming this summer especially in Corralejo lagoon, we got some nice shots from our flat water Stand up paddle school. Check the video… you will fin images from our testcenter, the equipment we have to offer you and part of the courses we teach, that are suitable to people of all ages and […]

 Thijs joins Line Up team

Thijs Visser a Young dutch Stand up paddler joins Line Up team a.k.a as “Line Up Young Guns”. Thijs is only 12 years old and already rips either in Netherlands spots or in Fuerteventura more challenging waves. Welcome Tijs!!

 Sup water shots

Check waterman Patrice Chanzy on this nice Sup water shots, perfect example of the constant progression that Stand Up Paddle is experimenting year by year.   Patrice CHANZY In Stand Up Paddle Surf Evolution from Timothée PRUVOST on Vimeo.

 FCS SUP leashes arrived to our shop

New FCS Surf and Stand Up Paddle leashes arrived to our testcenter in Corralejo. Also to keep you protected from the strong sun we enjoy all year around in Fuerteventura, we offer you the HEADHUNTER sun screen lotions and sticks. Pass by and take a look!  

 Skates Maverixs Canarias

Lay day? no waves, no wind? Just want to try something new? …our great electric skates, and go around Corralejo for a fast drive, or explore the dirt roads with the Maverix BorderX, your choice, no a day without a board sport in Fuerteventura with LineUp. ( Skates are for testing with the choice of […]

 Fone Donkeys Island Trip

How good can a kite/surf/sup trip can get? Its all in this amazing document in the DONKEY’S ISLAND. The team keeps searching the best locations around the world for practicing watersports, even a few months ago where visiting our center in Fuerteventura. Any clue where is this donkey’s island is located? we want to […]

 Sup session inside Majanicho Fuerteventura

Adriel got a nice knee to waist high session in inside Majanicho, and we where lucky to get some nice pics. Madeiro 7’11 is a 104 litres board for experienced surfers, you can give it a try here in our testcenter in corralejo canary islands. Check the gallery!   [slickr-flickr tag=”adriel” items=”5″ type=”gallery” size=”m800″ thumbnail_size=”s150″ […]

 First SUP RACE – Canary Championship

From November the 30th to the first of December will be held in Morro Jable, in the south of Fuerteventura, the First SUP RACE – Canary Championship. An amaizing scenery for a tournament of this kind. For more info contact:

 Sup Session Corralejo Harbor

The Line Up Sup School took a couple of students to Corralejo’s harbour for some initiation stand up paddling lesson. Jumping straight away from the recreational harbour to the pristine lagoon, The glassy conditions alowed to the students to feel the first sentations on the Sup board, after a short paddle to the nearest beach […]

 Fuerte Wave Classic 2012

Fuerte Wave Classic is running with one of the best riders in the sport, in one of the best sets like only Fuerteventura can bring. Check the videos and for more news follow @ FuerteWaveClassic 2012 – Day 1 from KSB on Vimeo. FuerteWaveClassic – Day 2 from KSB on Vimeo. FuerteWaveClassic – Day […]

 Line Up and Manu Taub goes windsurfing

Line Up is happy to anounce the creation of the windsurfing department with Naish boards & sails.

 North Shore Sup Session

This December Lineup team scored some nice “Stand up paddle” session somewhere in the North Shore of Fuerteventura.

 Los Lovers at Suping Magazine

Fuerteventura’s Watercouple, Stephane and Nicole got a really nice article in Suping magazine.

 Corralejo – Lobos Island SUP crossing

Another hard working day for the Line up team. Manu Taub and his Angels grabbed the S.U.P. gear at the Testcenter and decided to cross part of the Bocaina Channel towards Lobos Island. After a short break they realize they have to come back. But that´s a different story..

 The Inflatable Mana Air:

A completely compact Stand Up Paddleboard The Inflatable Mana Air: A completely compact Stand Up Paddleboard from Naish International on Vimeo. Four people. + Four boards. + Four paddles. + One car. Introducing the NEW! Naish Mana Air.