Manu Taub, internationally recognized among kite speed pioneers, holder of two world records – 2004 / 2005 -, as well as a third-place overall in all sailing categories in 2007; making him at that point the 3rd fastest of all speed-vessels on the water in history!

He began kitesurfing already in 1998, which was the very beginning of the sport in Europe, and in 2002 he participated in the first-ever kite speed competition in Leucate (France), where, in 2004 he set his first world record.

Manu has always been one to catch on to the newest trends in watersports at the dawn of the sport, and he was among the guys in kitesurfing, Standup paddling, and foiling, and he played an active role in the technical development at the beginning of these sports.

When Manu heard rumors of a place in Africa that might be good for kite-speed, he ventured to Namibia to explore, and there he participated in the discovery of some amazing speed spots (Walvis bay – Luderitz). With time these exact same spots have become famous as sites for many international records in various speed sailing disciplines.

Since his days of traveling to Fuerteventura for the kite speed WorldCup in the south of the island, where he set another world record— he had always considered the island a fantastic place for watersports of all disciplines. In his own words: « There are not so many places in the world where it is possible to practice all possible watersport on a daily basis at all levels … Fuerteventura and especially the north shore is a watersport Luna Park, this is with some reason that it is called the European Hawaii »

He saw the potential of the north shore of Fuerteventura in his vision to start up a center where he could share his love for the ocean and watersports.
Manu and Teiva Joyeux were friends from the early days of kitesurfing, and when Teiva decided to move to Fuerteventura he joined the LineUp venture.