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Get ready to feel the rush, embrace the ocean's magic, and dream of catching your next wave. Whether you're already in love with the sport or curious to start, Fuerteventura's shores await your surf adventure. Grab your surfboard, feel the sand between your toes, and let's dive into the surf in Corralejo!


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Fuerteventura, one of the seven captivating Canary Islands, boasts a breathtaking arid moonscape geography. Located just 97 km off the African coast, it stands as the second-largest among the Canary Islands, showcasing a coastline stretching nearly 326 km. A significant portion of this coast, around 77 km, is graced with pristine white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.

The northern coast, highly exposed to north and northwest swells, offers an abundance of lava reef breaks, making it a haven for avid surfers. On the other hand, both the northwest and northeast coasts feature sandy beaches with gentle beach breaks, ideal for those newer to the surfing experience.

This diversity positions Fuerteventura as the perfect destination for water sports enthusiasts of all levels.

At our surf school, our experienced instructors bring a wealth of expertise to the table, guiding you to elevate your surfing skills. Whether you’re just starting out on this exhilarating journey or consider yourself an advanced surfer, our instructors are dedicated to helping you progress and take your surf performance to new heights!

Surfing in Fuerteventura

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