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Benefit from our extensive experience and learn with the best F-ONE equipment, ensuring a swift learning curve. Book your course in Corralejo with us and elevate your watersports journey!
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Embrace the freedom of renting premium equipment, ranging from F-ONE kites to Firewire boards, and switch them at your convenience. Adapt seamlessly if conditions change, with no restrictions or additional costs.
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Did you know that in Fuerteventura we chose to start future kiters from a zodiac, far from the coast? The reason? easy, a playground free of obstacles, do you want to try? contact us!!๐Ÿ˜Ž

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Kitesurfing holds a prominent position among the two pivotal watersports that have significantly impacted Fuerteventura, the other being windsurfing. This influence is primarily attributed to the prestigious International Windsurfing and Kiteboarding World Championship held annually in Costa Calma, gracing the island’s shores of Sotavento (Pajara) since 1985.

Fuerteventura’s unmatched weather, consistent wind forecasts, and optimal wind conditions make it the ultimate kitesurfing destination. The period from May to August is highly recommended for enthusiasts seeking the best and most robust wind conditions, although kiting is feasible almost every day throughout the year.

At LINE UP Water Sports Testcenter, we proudly host our kite surf school, providing you with the opportunity to book courses and master the art of kiting under the guidance of a professional and experienced team. For seasoned kiters, we offer high-quality rental equipment to enhance your experience. Additionally, our shop boasts a variety of kites and boards at attractive prices. To further elevate your kitesurfing adventure, consider immersing yourself in our Kitecamp during your visit to Fuerteventura.

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Please contact us to build your exclusive package. you can take advantage of our surfboards, kiteboards, wing and stand-up paddle rental services, build your pack, with some lessons, or just book an excursion. Check our brochure with all our activities, contact us, and we will create your perfect trip!