LINE UP presents an exciting opportunity to experience KITE, SURF, WING, and FOIL adventures in the vibrant waters of Fuerteventura.

Discover world-class conditions ideal for kiteboarding, surfing, and wing foiling in the picturesque Canary Islands while testing the latest state-of-the-art equipment available in the market.

OUR center

Plan a Visit to the LINE UP Test Center in Corralejo, where we're fully equipped to meet all your needs and enhance your enjoyment of a diverse range of sporting activities using top-tier equipment during your time on the island. Our strategically located center on the outskirts of Corralejo ensures convenient access to collect your equipment swiftly on your way to the beach.


Our dedicated professional staff is here to guide you in booking courses, selecting the ideal gear for rental or purchase, and uncovering the finest spots in Fuerteventura. Comprising passionate and devoted watersports enthusiasts, our team at LINE UP embraces a professional challenge, striving to strike the perfect balance and fully immerse themselves in the vibrant watersport lifestyle of Fuerteventura.

We are different, we are a testcenter

our founder

Manu Taub

Manu is a lifelong water sports enthusiast who practises all kinds of disciplines. Always one of the early birds, kitesurfing, stand up paddling, foiling, wing foiling... Manu is always looking for the next trend.
Since the first waves of kitesurfing in 1998, Manu has been a professional kiter for about 10 years.
The godfather of kite speed, Manu was one of the very first riders to start chasing sailing speed records with a kite, he discovered the legendary speed spots of Walvis Bay and Luderitz in Namibia and broke the kitesurfing speed world record twice in 2004.
He also achieved a 3rd place overall in the history of speed sailing in 2007.

Manu Taub Speed record in Kite
Manu Taub Kite Speed Record

why fuerteventura?

A life choice

In 2009, Manu and his family moved to Fuerteventura.
"I used to come here every summer for the Kite World Cup and even broke a world record in Sotavento in 2004, I grew to love the island and when we decided to move to a warmer place, it was our first choice"
We said we would try it for 6 months and never move anywhere else. It was time to start a business, I wanted to create the dream centre that I wanted to find when I travelled. No need to carry loads of gear when you travel to Fuerte, you will find the latest models from top brands, in European Hawaii, ready to get wet! We have got you covered.
Thank you for choosing LINE UP FUERTEVENTURA, enjoy the island!

Line Up Test Center F-ONE


Our goal is to establish a reputation for delivering top-notch products and exceptional services. We’re committed to innovation, elevating the watersport center experience to new heights. We aim to seamlessly integrate the timeless watersport spirit with a modern, tech-driven approach, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable customer experience through the use of cutting-edge tools. LINE UP serves as a dynamic gateway to the latest advancements in the watersports industry, conveniently brought to you right at the beach.


Establishments like LINE UP have firmly placed Fuerteventura on the global map of the premier kite, surf, wing, and foil destinations. Unlock the potential to partake in clinics, lessons, and courses featuring the latest market-leading equipment from our esteemed brand partners.

Line Up Water Sports Test Center