November Kite sessions

This past few days has been great for our kite students in Fuerteventura, we are teaching from beach fly initiation to zodiac kite boat sessions. Thanks to the experience of our crew we are finding really good wind conditions in Fuerteventura, even this months are usually note the best for kitesurfing clients could complete the full course within days. Always with good conditions, top kite equipment and professional guiding. In Fuerteventura all year around kiteboarding!

Summing up your ktiesurf class in Fuerteventura

Kite surfing is an incredible sport, the first day you learn to handle the kite on the beach, it’s a bit difficult to get the trick without the help of a professional instructor, the tricky thing is to move it right where you want it to go; the second day in the boat session we get into the water at the beginning without a board with the kite, it will be here when you realize what the wind can really do its power, force, imposes, basically you will travel many meters moving the kite and seeing how it drags you; and finally you will try to go out with the board, an initial pull that you have to do in the shape of an eight with the kite) because you fly and take off with your board, the sensation of sailing once you leave is unbreakable; the rest of the days you will learn more technical things and navigate as it should.