Fone bandit 2019 just arrived

Almost ending the year here in Fuerteventura, where the kite season never ends, we have just received the new Bandit 2019 comets from Fone, and we are excited to try them, some of our clients have already been testing them, and even our students have managed to enjoy them too. New twin-tips and Foil accessories has also been ad to our Rental quiver.
Here is a brief Bandit review of (u.tow): The rolling bar is more progressive than last year. The canopy is very stable and does not turn off completely, a difference from the short sweet spot of other years. No fluttering at all.
There’s no unwanted wingtip feeling on the bar like any other comet I’ve flown over the years. He just feels perfectly tuned and connected, he does not really know how to describe it, he just sees and smiles.

fone kitesurf

for the rest of riders we also have good news, we have received new stand-up paddle boards from Fone and more than 2 dozen Tomo, Slater and Firewire Surfboards. This winter there is no excuses on any surf conditions that come our way.

fone bandits