Calima Kite Surf Session

By Line Up In Kite Testcenter Wake Monday, April 24th, 2017

Last week we got a lots of Calima in Fuerteventura, which isn´t what a kitesurfer wants the most, as it stops the wind. Calima is a wave of hot air which comes from Sahara, often bringing also some sand, the final result of that is that the wind can´t blow correctly.

For LineUp is not a problem! With our Line Up team we move around and search for the wind! the endorfina went high!!! We went close to Lanzarote shore, and found some light wind there which was enough to start the kite classes.

On our way we stopped to recover some plastic waste we found in the ocean, as we are very aware of the bad situation that is happening regarding ocean trash, every time we can we try to keep our oceans clean we do it, at least with small gestures. After this We got a little reward from the mother nature and we got the chance to saw a big turtle just swimming close to our boat!

We had some advanced and beginner students, which were improving their skills, and in the end of the classes also got some wakeboarding fun to get high leves of endorfina! It was a great group we had on the boat, hope to see you guys soon!!!


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