the latest news and events from the Fuerteventura kitesurf community

 More Bandits just arrived

We just received a new shipment of bandit kites, with their respective bars, which enlarge our rental quiver, this summer you will not find a place with more kites to rent in Corralejo, we have all the measures covered so you do not stop sailing even one day in all your kitesurfing stay on the […]

 Kite Boat session April in Fuerteventura

This Boat session course is for kiters that controls the kite at the beach, who already had some beach fly lesson and they want to reach the next step. With an experienced instructor by your side in the water, you will improve quicker and safely! You will become a Kitesurfer!!! yeah! From beginner kitesurfer to […]

 Kite session in Cotillo

In just a few kite lessons in Fuerteventura, our students are ready to sail on their own and near the shore, the ideal scenario to practice kite in this way is the lagoons of Cotillo, where our students can navigate at ease. The water starts and the changes of direction more controlled with the instructors […]

 Calima Kite Surf Session

Last week we got a lot of Calima in Fuerteventura, which isn´t what a kitesurfer wants the most, as it stops the wind. Calima is a wave of hot air which comes from Sahara, often bringing also some sand, the final result of that is that the wind can´t blow correctly. For LineUp is not […]

 Zodiac Kite Session end up swimming with dolphins

Our last kite session has ended in an unexpected way, our instructors and students have ended up surrounded by a beautiful herd of dolphins, far from being astonished both dolphins and students experienced a beautiful moment, which has been repeated for two days in a row, something Almost unthinkable so close to the Corralejo Harbor.

 November Kite sessions

This past few days has been great for our kite students in Fuerteventura, we are teaching from beach fly initiation to zodiac kite boat sessions. Thanks to the experience of our crew we are finding really good wind conditions in Fuerteventura, even this months are usually note the best for kitesurfing clients could complete the […]

 Beach Fly Initiation Kite school Course

Starting the month of November in Fuerteventura is not the usual time for a kite course but in The Canaries everything its possible. at our Kite school in Corralejo; we get to find optimal windy conditions, all set up for you to learn how to control your kite at the beach. Tomorrow we head the […]

 No wind wake session

We organize a nice wake session for our students, we took our boat out for a round, the lack of wind couldn’t stop us for enjoying the nice day and the perfect water conditions. We tried the twintips and the surf kite strapless between Fuerteventura y Lanzarote, very close to Lobos Island. This it is […]

 beach fly moments

September it’s usually no that windy, but with Line Up Fuerteventura kite school you can be sure that we will find some wind for your kite initiation in Corralejo. Book with us you beach fly session, learn the basics of the kite flying in the Canaries. Power zone, launch your kite, security tips, and much […]

 F-one Foil full collection 2017

F-one international just presented the new range of foil categories: Kite, Supfoil and Windfoil… This new three disciplines providing amazing sensations, and this it’s just the beginning of this new sport!!! Enter the world of foiling and discover the F-ONE range developed to make you fly above the water whatever your discipline. Get ready to […]

 Starting the kite season at the max

The Kite school is on fire! al courses in Fuerteventura running smoothly: the kite beach fly and boat sessions, with two Kite instructors every 2 kitesurf students, small groups, big zodiac plus support boat for your security. The Kitesurfing conditions in Fuerteventura has been great, the wind nice and strong, we have a great weekend […]

 Beach Fly Kite school video

Kite Beach Fly Session from Lineupfuerte on Vimeo.

 New foil boards arrival

We just got 4 new kiteboarding Foil boards from Fone. A redesigned board and foil model with the advice of the most experience foil riders, from beginners to master foilers will find in this board the best vessel for kiteboarding Foiling experience. The main benefit of the new system is the one and only screw […]

 Fone quiver renewal

We continue renewing our F-one kite equipment, to continue offering the best quality to our students of our academy, and also the customers who rent our equipment every day. The surprise was that the same rider Javier Jimenez, local F-one rider, was checking our kites, kitesurfboards and twintips and giving advice on them. Javi just […]

 FONE Next Generation in Tarifa

F-ONE Next Generation – Tarifa 2016 from F-ONE KITES on Vimeo.

 Wake sessions at Lobos

Usually chosen by kiters to practice their moves, the lack windy days, or just for those interested in making a wake session. Both two are perfect excuse to meet the fabulous natural scenery of the Isla de Lobos, its clear waters full of fish just minutes north of Fuerteventura Corralejo. We go to the island of […]

 Kitesurf flat water lagoon session

The largest and best flat water areas for kitesurfing, that has no gusty winds, are in the area of north Fuerteventura, very Close to El Cotillo, usually uncrowded flat water lagoons and great point breaks for the kitesurf wave riders. Many small lagoons ( what means little kitesurfing little beaches), the most famous ones, are […]

 Kite School Cotillo Lagoons

Some of the nicest places to practice kitesurf its for sure the Cotillo lagoons in Fuerteventura Island, one of the many spots we go searching for the wind we need for our kitesurf lessons. You can practice all that you been learning in the previous courses like the kite control, launching, you also have done […]

 Kite Foil Session part 2

 Kite Foil Session

Perfect conditions this weekend for Kite Foiling in the Corralejo Bay, we took the Lineup zodiac and the western wailer as a support boat, to make a super fun foil session, with some lineup clients and the lineup crew. The kite foil is the latest kiteboarding discipline, a perfect glide experience and with the need […]

 Indonesia Kitecamp new video

 Wakeboarding in Fuerteventura

 Cotillo lagoon kite

 Lineup Young guns Fuerte

 Kite School in Fuerteventura

 Kitesurf School Courses video

 Indo Kite Camp

Indo Kite Camp by Bertrand and Tuva from Lineupfuerte on Vimeo.

 Fuerteventura Water Sports Vacation

Fuerteventura Kite Surf Sup Vacations from Lineupfuerte on Vimeo.

 Foil School Session with Manu Taub

 How to set-up your F-ONE platinium3 bindings

Fone presents their new Pads PLatinium 3, and this toturial you get the full explanation on how to set them properly. Knowing that pads are in general hard to design because they must fit all types of feet, ensure the best connection with your board to have the best feel while riding, and absorb the […]

 Naish Rental Fuerteventura new arrivals

New Kites, twin tips and Stand up Paddle boards just arrived to our Testcenter. The 2016 models of our “Naish Rental Fuerteventura” quiver increased the wide range of Naish products available to you to test in the North Shore world class conditions.

 Beach Fly Control Session

Nice day at our Kite school this first week of September in Corralejo, the kitesurf students have been learning right on the beach how to set up the kite, control it, how to use the security systems and safety theory all this before the students approach the kite boat session in Fuerteventura.

 Naish Kiteboarding 2016 This is Your Moment

Naish Kiteboarding 2016 | This is Your Moment Top engineers and athletes with cutting edge technologies, the best materials, got together in this new Naish 2016 collection, as a result a wide range of kiting gear developed to suit the individual need of every type of warrior or rider. Naish 2016 Collection will be available […]

 F-ONE 2016 collection, Color your ride!

Be ready, it’s starting now…F-ONE presents in this amazing video the 2016 collection : COLOR YOUR RIDE! With exceptional footages of the best F-ONE riders in Mauritius island. Design, technology meet once again for your utmost enjoyment. All this products will be soon in our F_ONE testecenter in Fuerteventura. This means that all our 2015 […]

 Javier Jimenez Fone rider new video

Our team mate Javier Jimenez ( Fone – Animal – Lineup – Manera ) just publish his new video made by Xede Santana in the Cotillo Lagoons, a perfect setup for freestyle kitebaording in Fuerteventura. You can appreciate the new Kite manoeuvres that Javi is training now a days.

 Fone 2016 Collection teaser

After a whole year, the wait is nearly over… The waiting time for fans of fone is almost over, soon the new collection 2016. Watch the latest video promotion F-ONE 2016 COLLECTION – Teaser from F-ONE KITE on Vimeo.

 June Kite School Beach Fly

Family Beach fly course in north Fuerteventura, from kite set up to launching. All safety steps where all well study. We enjoy an amazing afternoon in Cotillo lagoons, book your family kite course in Cotillo!

 Groups Incentive in Fuerteventura

We organize activities for corporate groups, incentive type. We have all the logistics for your people do not have a day without activity at sea. Since all equipment Catamarans SUP, surf, kite, wind, snorkel or wake. group never forget your holiday in an unbeatable natural setting, a few hours of your city, with a pleasant […]

 Javier Jimenez Junior European Champion 2015

Happy to announce the 1st place in the 2015 European Junior Championship conquered by our team rider Javier Jimenez, The 11th edition of the Coupe D’Europe Junior Freestyle Kite held in Saint Pierre La Mer, France. The first heats started with the 9-13 years old, with a good South East wind! The heats came one […]

 New zodiac for our kite school in Fuerteventura

The season has almost arrived, and we are renewing our fleet both aquatic and terrestrial. Yesterday we received our new lineup zodiac ¨ 1 which will be available to our kite school in Fuerteventura, and also for organizing boat-trips to go next few days. We continue to seek the highest quality for our customers, kiters, […]

 Fuerteventura Fone Next Generation

F-ONE launched the Next Generation Team 3 years ago to form and train young riders. This year eleven promising young kids from all over the world met in the Fone 2015 training camp in Fuerteventura with Etienne LHOTE, a former pro-rider who is now coaching and sharing his experience. An exceptional week for those up-and-coming […]

 Indo Kite camp 2015

LINEUP INDO KITE CAMP Book your place for next season! Bertrand Fleury and Tuva Jansen are now getting ready for Lineup Indokitecamp 2015. Do you want to improve your wave riding in perfect conditions at maybe the best waveriding spot in the world? Join them at their home spot this summer on a remote island […]

 Naish Testcenter New arrivals 2015

Just few days after Christmas we received the new Naish 2015 Collection for our Testcenter here in Fuerteventura. with more than 15 new pivot and fly kites, a docen of Dub and Monarch twin tips, and lots of new paddles and stand up paddle Boards. Check the quiver list on the Testcenter/rentals page on our […]

 Javier Jimenez trying Slider

Javi ( Fone – Lineup – Animal – ashka) never stops training were the wind is good, you gonna find him, this time in Cotillo Lagoons trying the sliders, and landing some tricks.

 Lineup Procenter

 Fone New TE TAINUI Video

F-ONE team just presented their new video on an extraordinary adventure in Tahiti, mixing the both sports Kite and Paddle with the best Fone riders, and the new becomers. Enjoy this nice movie… Riders : Mitu MONTEIRO, Poenaiki RAIOHA, Robinson HILARIO, Micka FERNANDEZ, Marie SWITALA, Aude LIONET CHANFOUR, Alexandre CAIZERGUES, Filippe FERREIRA, Manutea MONNIER, Rémi […]

 Kitesurf Fuerteventura school 2 days session by lineup

During the first session the students been learning how to control the kite on the beach, their security systems and basic weather and safety theory.
 The best conditions for learning are in Corralejo a perfect example of Kitesurf Fuerteventura. On the secondday we started with body dragging, technics, relaunch the kite while in the water, […]

 Fone kites 2015 its on!

Fone presents in this amazing video all the new 2015 kite boards and twintips. The design it still a major priority for the brand, with cool colors and the best technology. Fone kites 2015 with the model Bandit 8 as the most significant model of kite on the market.

 Naish 2015 video presentation

It’s time to break the mold! Naish presents their 2015 kite and SUP products for the next season, and most of this gear will be available soon for you to test them at our testcenter in Fuerteventura. Naish Stand Up Paddle 2015

 Kite flying beach session

Kite school its on, day 1 is time for you to learn how to control the kite,, and all the security and safety features you need to know practicing your kiteboarding. Our instructors will guide you through the process to control your kite when u are at the beach.

 Instructor Training Course in Fuerteventura

Iko instructor training course hosted by Line Up Fuerteventura, was a complete success. Iko found a great spot for kiting, a very good class room and got a warm welcome from the locals and the Line Up Professional Staff. Instructor candidates and examiners, enojoyed session in deep water in front of Los Lobos Island, also […]

 Empty Spaces New Fone Video

Freestyler’s F-ONE team, Robinson HILARIO, Alex SOTO and Louis HUTTER, met in Morocco and fully exploited spots especially at Dakhla Evasion. This Moroccan atmosphere seems to give them wings. Incredible power and radical style! EMPTY SPACES from F-ONE KITE on Vimeo.

 May Kite Sessions Started

Our kite school in Fuerteventura is fully operational, from introductory courses on the beach at our famous boat sessions in a spectacular zodiac where your first feelings live in the water like a real kiter, reviewing the body-dragging, water stars, kite re-launch and the first gliding feet standing on your table. I have some pictures […]

 Bertrand and Tuva joins Lineup Family

We just want to announce our new collaboration with Lineupfuerteventura! After spending the winter here in Fuerteventura we have become to really like this island and what it has to offer when it comes to surf, kite, SUP and the chilled atmosphere. But the winter is soon over here and the waves are getting mellow, […]

 Fone Next Generation video

Javier Jimenez our Lineup rider, went to mainland Spain and more exactly ‘’Tarifa’’ this is the last destination of the NEXT GENERATION Team! All the young riders, from 13 to 18 years old, flew off to Tarifa with their coach Etienne LHOTE for an intense training trip. The program was: kitesurfing sessions, physical training, […]

 Javier Jimenez pre France training

Javier Jimenez still training hard, kiting as much as possible in the Cotillo lagoons. After his last trip to Tarifa he is looking forward to go to France this next week. Check the gallery for his nicest freestyle moves.

 IKO Instructor Course 2014

Expand your job opportunities with the Iko Instructor Training Courses, starting the 13 of may till the 18. Hosted by Line UP Fuerteventura at North Fuerteventura. For contact or Reservations contact us… The Course includes the MFA/CPR one day course. More info or reservations…

 Fone Fuerteventura March Arrivals

The main kite season is arriving in Fuerteventura, and our quiver keeps updating every month with more and more with the latest equipment in the market. You can be the first on trying the newest Fone and Manera gear.

 Javi Training at el Burro

Javier Jimenez, keeps training hard, this past weeks the wind were been really strong, and the kiters could experience summer conditions in the middle of january… Check the boy’s gallery…

 Kite School Boat Session Jan 15

Nice boat session yesterday with our happy clients and the Lineup’s professional crew enjoying the light NorthWest winds. Check the gallery..

 Kite News december at Lineup Academy

Kite school is full running all year around, even on winter the Lineup instructors are able to find good wind conditions for a nice kite boat session. On the other side our team rider, Javier Jimenez has been testing the latest Bandit 7, as well as our students are already enjoying our new equipment, that […]

 Kite Boat Session Dec 27

Another boat session in Lineup Kite School in Fuerteventura, some clients enjoying their holidays in Corralejo, A nice way to finish the year, and starting 2014 as a “new kiter!”…

 Fone Christmas Arrival

Just before Christmas we got a bunch of new Fone Surfboards and Kites, and also some Manera board bags. The Fone testcenter here in Fuerteventura is with plenty new boards and kites, lucky ones can test the new Bandit7, the signature 2014 or the Mitu pro model starting from tomorrow. Photo Gallery Product explanation

 Manera Exo Harness

Manera guys already teach you how to choose the size of your harness, and now they are presenting his Manera signature harness. The renowned brand of bags and surf-cases, its offering harnesses with the latest technology and cutting-edge design. MANERA EXO HARNESS 2014 from MANERA on Vimeo.

 How to choose your harness

Defining your size, the right height and the spreader bar… a well done guide to choose the proper equipment – MANERA – How to choose your harness from MANERA on Vimeo.

 Wainman Black Friday

Take advantage of our Wainman Kite, twin tips and Boards, BLACK FRIDAY SALE. Pass by the shop or contact our agent at

 New Fone video in Mauritius

Freestylers and wave riders enjoying amazing conditions in Mauritius, just a GIFT! GIFT from F-ONE KITE on Vimeo.

 2014 Naish Sups and Kites ( Torch and Park ) just arrived

The Naish sup and kites racks getting refreshed with some of the newest releases of the brand, brought you to Fuerteventura by Line Up. Come and test them, you could be the one take in them to the water for the first time.

 Wainman Fuerteventura quiver

Some of our kiters clients and staff members are already enjoying the Wainman boards and kites, you can test them starting form 5 eruos an hour. Wainman Quiver available for rent

 Wainman Hawaii just arrived

Wainman Hawaii kites, twintips and surfboards just arrived to our testcenter in Fuerteventura. Another top brand trusts Line Up Ocean as an Official Testecenter. Became part of the rabbit gang trying any of our Wainman products, you could be the first one taking one of this boards to the Fuerteventura waves. Wainman Fuerteventura Pro Shop […] kites 2014 collection

The 2014 Kiteboarding catalog has been realised, new fresh designs, nice colors and the most important the technological improvement that allways provide in any new collection. Enjoy and remember that with Line Up Ocean Sports Testcenter you can ride this new beauties in a world class location like Fuerteventura. See you at the […]

 Fuerteventura Kitesurfing september sessions

The kite school keeps offering premium boat session with an unbeatable service, professional crew, and the best equipment on the market, just premium brands. Starting from body-drag to water-starts, down-winds and upwind taks, the coaches working with the students right there in the water for personal guidance, optimise customer care. Fuerteventura Kitesurfing optimal conditions!!

 Javier Jimenez Freestyle Weekend

Our kite team rider has been taking advantage of the nice conditions to do some freestyle in Cotillo Lagoons leaving open mouth mostly of the tourists around with some of his new tricks.

 Javier Jimenez and a nice surprise

Javier Jimenez a lineup and fone pro rider got a nice surprise visit from Mickael Fernandez and Raphaël Sales ( CEO of FONE ) a few days ago at Corralejo kite beach.  

 July New Naish Arrivals

This summer is the perfect choice for you to test this amazing Naish products in the best kite Spots in Fuerteventura, no other places gives you the choice to test the latest equipment on the market, the opportunity to switch between them as u wish.  

 F-one Testcenter Fuerteventura new products

Happy to announce the arrival to our Testcenter in Fuerteventura of some of the new gear we order for this summer. Our idea is to enlarge the offer of boards, kites and Stand up paddle for this season, more options for all the diferent water sport, kite sup or surfspots and daily conditions. No […]

 Javi Jimenez en el PKRA Junior

Our rider Javi, Fuerteventura kiter, is at PKRA/IKA Kiteboarding Freestyle Junior World Championships at San Pere Pescador, Costa Brava, Spain. Costa Brava has been hosting events for many years, it is a great venue and a perfect place for the first Kiteboarding JR World Championships. 43 riders has been registered from 17 countries. Good luck […]

 Javi Jimenez a competir a Valencia

Amazing season for Javi, after the good result in European Junior of Kite, the young Fuerteventura rider, is heading to Valencia for a new competition. Good Luck Javi!!!  

 Javi’s party at Lineup Testcenter

We had just a little surprise Party @ line up to congratulate Javi Jimenez for his 3dr place on the kiteboard junior european championship @ 11 years old !! …and to announce him that “ kiteboarding” bets on his future & wish to sign him on a contract to follow him during his evolution to […]

 Javier Jimenez 3rd place at European Junior Cup Kite

Congratulations to our team rider Javier Jimenez got a 3rd place @ the European Junior Cup of kiteboarding in the category 9 to 13 yrs. We are happy to see our friend growing in the international kite scene with the big help of, Animal, and other sponsors. See you at Fuerte!!!   Javy’s Profile

 Javier Jimenez going to European Junior Kite Cup

Javier rider, also part of the Line Up family / team, is ready to go to France for the EUROPEAN JUNIOR KITE CUP. Good luck Champ!   Gallery

 Water Sports Etiquette

In an Island like Fuerteventura where many sports converge on a spot at the same time, can be difficult to enjoy a session without some kind of conflict if we dont follow some etiquette behaviors. We know that some of this pages will create some debate between riders of diferent water sports, but will be […]

 New F-one Arrivals at Fuerteventura Testcenter

We are more than happy at our testcenter in Corralejo with the new arrivals, brand new kites, twintips and stand up paddle boards for you to come and test, you can try a new board or kite as cheap as 5 euros per hour or 99 euros per week …and switch between models, sizes […]

 November kite school session

[slickr-flickr tag=”boat” items=”5″ type=”gallery” size=”m800″ thumbnail_size=”s150″ flickr_link=”on”] Beginnig of November, and the Line-Up Kite school Fuerteventura still on, thanks for the experience of our kite instructors, we could enjoy and amazing boat session in the channel between Lobos and Fuerteventura islands. The group learned the basic of Bodydragging and Waterstart, we have Learned how to […]

 Mr. Olaf

Nothing better than enjoying your day off with a nice kiteboarding session, testing the equipment for better knowledge at the time for advise the best gear for the tipe of spot or conditions you choose to ride that day. LineUp testcenter from kiters for kiters   [slickr-flickr tag=”olaf” items=”5″ type=”gallery” size=”m800″ thumbnail_size=”s150″ flickr_link=”off”]

 Maverix Skates

Olivier Giraud french capitan of handball team world & Olympic champ .Taub brothers . Tony Parker 3 Times NBA champ having FUN Time in Paris for maverix Electric skate promo. Familly business !! Soon @ Line Up 2013 Photo shoot

This year has choosen Fuerteventura for shooting its next catalogue! Line Up was happy to help with some logistics and it was a great pleasure to wellcome the team here and test in “avant premiere” to the 2013 collection. Micka Fernandez, Mitu Monteiro, Celine Rodenas, Charles Tiger and Almudena Naranjo and the young local […]

 Down wind kiteboarding session

The summer keeps bringing the best conditions for practicing the downwind kite session trough the Bocaina channel, the wind its been really good for the kiters to take advantage of this amazing areas. All the students and free riders got the change to learn how to set up a kite inside the zodiac, improving waterstart […]

 Good Windy Conditions East Fuerteventura

It´s been a really amazing start of the summmer this past few weeks. We all enjoy some massive swells and strong winds, all the spot in the east were working really good with cross winds and head high sets. Our Line UP Manager enjoyed some good lefts at Burro a couple days ago.  

 Beach Start Session

The kite school is working all year around with diferent kinds of courses, for all levels and budgets. The beach start session is the primordial course to get to know the set up of the kite equipment and basic knowledge of the wind functionality, wind window, power zone, etc… You will star feeling the power […]

 New Naish boards arrived

The quality of the products we offer you in Line Up is growing week by week. During this days will been updating on the website our quiver list, so you can check the big amount of choices you have for you watersports experience in Fuerteventura. With Line Up you have the choice to switch as […] 2012 gears new arrivals

We are happy to announce that we just got our new 2012 F-ONE gears ready for you to test in our unique and well know “switch as you wish” rental mode, or also in one of our  schools by the hand of a qualified instructor. Enjoy…!!

 Naish 2012 gear just arrived to Fuerteventura

We are happy to anounce that we just got part of our Naish kite, Stand up paddle and windsurfing equipment for 2012. Yesterday afternoon and this morning we been unwrapping all the “toys” with enthusiasm. We will been posting soon all the exact boards, kites, sails and paddles we got. You can already pass by […]

 Foil School first 2012 session

Last Friday, Francois Colussi from – Kite Center Dublin, joined Manu Taub (Line Up Testcenter)

 One of the best Kiter + Surfer?

Santa Cruz’s Josh Mulcoy, is the living example of a complete Kiter + Surfer combo man. Usually rides the same boards for both sports but never looses power or style in any of this disciplines.

 KSP News at Perú

KSP World Tour Youtube’s Channel features the last Pascamayo Kitesurf Pro 2011, celebrated a few weeks ago. You can see the potential of the left Pascamayo Point break. Enjoy the video…  

 KSP World Tour News – Mauritius

This major event was at Le Morne, Mauritius. The Comp started with a 11 foot swell and 17 second period, good enough for the local riders to show off in the Expression Session,

 Damian Recalde Lineup rider

Damian Recalde one of the Lineup team riders. Born in France, but many years living in Lajares in the epicenter of the famous Fuerteventura’s North Shore, a perfect playground for him to practice Surfing, Stand up paddling and Kite surfing. He will become as well a future Lineup Ocean guide to find the perfect spot […]

 Kite News • Welcome to 2012

Naish Kiteboarding presents their new 2012 collection. This year, they are stoked to bring you some of the most innovative gear have ever been designed. Check the video… Atandroy Video Release

Film, 24 min. F.ONE new movie shot on RED in Magadascar last summer. Antandroy is the combination of kitesurfing, surfing, SUP on one of the most remote spot. Also an amazing encounter between two peoples. More info and download FullHD :

 2012 Naish Kiteboarding: Twintip Collection

The Naish Team flies, rips, shreds and slides on this year’s collection of twintips: 2012 Naish Kiteboarding: Twintip Collection from Naish International on Vimeo.