Fuerteventura kiteboarding rental and test service

Kitesurf Rental Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura’s Biggest Kiteboarding Testcenter & Rental Center, located in Corralejo, one of the European kitesurfing capitals.

We offer one of the island’s largest Kitesurf gear selection, premium brands all tested and checked for Fuerteventura’s kitesurfing conditions, proven to serve the needs of all Canaries kiters and visitors of all abilities. Light wind or maybe to strong dont worry, we have a big range of kites, travel light and dont stress about how conditions are gonna be tomorrow, we have you cover. Want to surf waves or maybe just some freestyle sessions. Just worry lo land those tricks well, we have all the quiver ready for u to rip!!!

Our kitesurfing equipment are a combination of the best: Fone, Naish and Firewire models, tailor to the wind and waves you will find in north shore Fuerteventura. Never miss a kite surf session with Lineup kitesurf rental Fuerteventura service. You can choose any sport model or size depends the daily conditions, you can asure your self a ocean sports session in Fuerteventura, with Lineup Procenter.

Switch As You Wish

Sports, models and Sizes

Choose your gear from free ride, wave riding, freestyle, even kite Foiling. We have the equipment for all kind of kiteboarding discipline and conditions. For all kite surfers skill levels and sizes. We offer SUP and Surf for the days there is no wind. Request info and book your gear!

Our Prices

the cost its 1 item per day and you can switch as you wish 1 kite / 1 item  1 board  / 1 item

1 day / día25,00€
2 days / días50,00€
3 days / días75,00€
4 days / días85,00€
5 days / días95,00€
6 days / días105,00€
7 days / días115,00€




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