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Kite, Sup, and Surf Foiling are the most exciting gliding experiences, with just some swell, very light wind, or tow-in from our jetski, we offer special Foil courses and clinics in Fuerteventura.

Whether you Surf, SUP, Kite, Windsurf, or Wakeboard, Foilboarding will elevate your favorite sport to a whole new level and to unimaginable places or spots that u never thought of riding!

Foil boarding is definitely the trendiest growing side of board sports. With amazing light wind performance and extreme upwind ability. Board foiling its next new level of the kite/surfing experience. Lineup Kite, SUP, and Surf Foil Course are designed to get you up on your foil, riding smooth and safe.

Foil-boards, are super-efficient vessels and can go in much lighter winds, softer waves or even just swell undulations than conventional sup, surf, or kite equipment. This means that foil-board riding is more accessible for riders living in light wind areas or low-quality swell spots.

Get behind a jetski with our water start system and your foiling skills will save you months of frustration. Don’t underestimate foiling. It might look easy, but it’s not!  Progress fast with our foiling system in Fuerteventura.

kite school
all security accessories for a safe ride
kite instructor
direct coaching with jetski assistance and go pro filming
foil board
latest fone boards and foils for your fast progression
fly with the foil
fly over the waves, feel the amazing glide

We are offering this new learning method with dedicated guidance and coaching just from the proximity of our jetski. Get tips and corrections after every single ride/wave. Step up your riding and gear with our F.one foiling collection. Get comfortable with foil and after we take you to catch your first waves.

Initiate on foiling behind our boat at Corralejo Bay

We find an uncrowded teaching area. We found that learning behind a jetski with our “Water Start System” coaching allows close communication with the rider and a fast learning curve. Once we teach you to get up on your foil board, we will expand the ride into pumping and turning.

Learn with us, begin surf-foiling in a safe and progressive way.

Understand the differents foil board setups, the stance, the gliding techniques, and how the hydrofoil wings work.
Foil surfing it may not require waves to get going, allow us to access new waves and offshore surf breaks that had never been explored before. Basically, foils redefined what we considered to be a rideable spot.

Stand Up Paddle Foiling Program

To get up onto a SUP foil board you will require either help from any kind of ondultation, or a helping tow behind a boat or jet.  There is when our water start system will make you progress faster than anyone. After our course you will be ready to front the 2 major SUP disciplines… SUP downwinding and surf.

At the end of the course, you can feel confident to launch and to ride safely with a foil board. Manu Taub was one of the first Foil Kiters in the Canaries and he designed an ultimate Foil Course session that will get you going on this new gliding sport.

Foil on Flat water program

Beginner tow
Foil session


Town in session in flat water where we manage to do the first flights with the foil, understand it, learn to follow the jetski, correct balance. Security.

  • Control the foil and board in a straight line
  • Learn how to behave while tow-in
  • Big board
  • Small mast
  • Big plane
  • Jetski

Intermediate tow
Foil session


Town in session in flat water where we will start to try a smaller plane, faster and more maneuverable, we keep the same board as lesson 1.

  • Control the foil and board in a straight line
  • First basic turns
  • Pre entering a wave
  • Big board
  • Medium mast
  • Medium plane
  • Jetski

Surf foil wave program

Wave foil tow session


surf a wave with a foil

It is a requirement to have completed the course in flat water or to complete the day #3 requirements from the beginning. Take solid waves with the foil towed by our experienced jetski driver. U will be recorded by the jet driver with a GO_PRO

  • Town in on waves with a jetski
  • Being able to ride the wave with confidence and style
  • Prepare your foiling skills for more challenging conditions
  • Small board
  • Medium or big mast
  • Medium or small plane
  • Jetski

Wave Foil session #2


surf foil fone

Take more solid waves with the foil towed by our experienced jetski driver. Consolidate what was learned in the previous session, gaining experience as a foiler. U will be recorded by the jet driver with a GO_PRO

  • Town in on waves with a jetski
  • Being able to ride the wave with confidence and style
  • Prepare your foiling skills for more challenging conditions
  • Small board
  • Medium or big mast
  • Medium or small plane
  • Jetski

Some videos

Foil Lessons Prices

FOIL school session JETSKI Private 1 pax / 1 board? 1 hr250 €
Group FOIL school session and more JETSKI 2 pax / 4 pax 1 board 1hr per person 3 rounds of 20 minutes
200 €
BONO 1000 € each session private200 €
BONO 1000 € each session group 150 €


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