C.C. Tamarindo 1 Local 19
+34 928-854-148

Felipe @ Surf House

The first Day I was I really negative about the island. Traveling to the surfhouse, the landscape didnt look that Pretty, al rock and zand and no green. That was my bad cus I didnt looked at the pictures before hand. But when the night came and the night life started in correlejo my mood changed. The restaurants are good and not that exspensive. 8-
13 euros a meal in most casses. If you wanna go out there lots bars that closes about 3 o clock and 1 club that shuts down at 6.
The house Is great and maybe 1 of the best in the city/island. I saw pictures from People that didnt have the luxery I had. Chilling area and bbq was doing it for me and the place was clean. We did 3 bbq’s in my 7 days with the People Who where there. Great Meat/fish you can buy at the spar in the center.

Surfschool/shop was A 5 minute walk. The guys in there are great. They will find the best wind on the island
.If theres not enough they the bring you to a secret place wheres was wind eveytime.
I had 5 sessions of kiting. I starten as a beginner/intermediar with no skill and now I feel like a kitesurfer Who can jump and almost land.
Last day I was going out on my own with 2 kite surfers from the house and we find a beautiful kite/surf spot. And they said that was one of many.
I had a blast looking back.


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