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Luca & Lassi


I was today surfing with Luka. We got a shitty start: late start, roads blocked by bicycle race, almost 2 hr drive before we even got to the spot.

Luka was superb. I was about to give up, but he got us into the water, and I got some good surfing. After the day, I have a smile on my face.

Very professional work. Much appreciated.

Thank you,

Lassi Elovaara
A32 Captain, happy customer

amazing kitesurfing week

Hello Lineup crew, hello Manu,

Above all, I want to thank you again for this amazing kitsurfing week. Everything was so perfect!
You mobilize all the human and materiel ressources to teach kitsurf in the best conditions. The instructors are very nice, professionnal and patient.
Thanks to you all, we can enjoy kitsurf now!

But we have to get better… That is why Charlie and me would like to practice and buy our own kite equipment.



I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone at line up! I had a great holiday, the house is amazing and by far the nicest surf house I’ve stayed in and the surf teaching was brilliant. Please say a particular thanks to Luca and Matteo from me!

Kind regards

Felipe @ Surf House

The first Day I was I really negative about the island. Traveling to the surfhouse, the landscape didnt look that Pretty, al rock and zand and no green. That was my bad cus I didnt looked at the pictures before hand. But when the night came and the night life started in correlejo my mood changed. The restaurants are good and not that exspensive. 8-
13 euros a meal in most casses. If you wanna go out there lots bars that closes about 3 o clock and 1 club that shuts down at 6.
The house Is great and maybe 1 of the best in the city/island. I saw pictures from People that didnt have the luxery I had. Chilling area and bbq was doing it for me and the place was clean. We did 3 bbq’s in my 7 days with the People Who where there. Great Meat/fish you can buy at the spar in the center.

Surfschool/shop was A 5 minute walk. The guys in there are great. They will find the best wind on the island
.If theres not enough they the bring you to a secret place wheres was wind eveytime.
I had 5 sessions of kiting. I starten as a beginner/intermediar with no skill and now I feel like a kitesurfer Who can jump and almost land.
Last day I was going out on my own with 2 kite surfers from the house and we find a beautiful kite/surf spot. And they said that was one of many.
I had a blast looking back.

Eamonn O’Sullivan / United Kingdom

Dear Manu, Carmelo and everyone at LineUp
Thanks for making my surf/SUP trip (OCT23-30) brilliant.
The conditions were pretty good but what was excellent was your friendly and useful help. Everyday, you helped me with advice (conditions, spots, equipment etc.) so that I ended up having a great session (even the one involving me, a SUP board and a sharp, hard reef – ouch!) And the trip to Lobos to end the week has convinced me to come back next year.
Really friendly, genuine, honest guys!
10 out of 10.
Eamonn O’Sullivan
Brighton UK (& Trinidad & Tobago)


Buenos días

Os envío un mail para obtener la inscripción en vuestro curso, Carmelo me comentó que no lo había hecho y que os pusiera un mail para justificar que he realizado un “curso de iniciación al kite” con vosotros. No tengo prisa, cuando podáis.

Igualmente, quería escribirles para agradecer el trato, la atención y la forma que tenéis de impartir las clases como escuela de kite, en especial a Carmelo, Edmund, Olaf y Fabio, quiénes me impartieron las clases.

De verdad, espero que la escuela continúe siempre con todos ellos y sobretodo con su perfil, a parte de una sobrada experiencia y dominio, muestran un enorme interés en que el alumno se sienta satisfecho y progrese en su aprendizaje. Al final, lo importante de cualquier escuela, a parte de la organización (que también ha sido excelente), es que los profesores o instructores motiven al alumno, y esto, lo tenéis con matrícula de honor.

Felicidades a todos!!!, me siento muy contenta del curso realizado y ahora continuaré aprovechando cualquier ocasión que tenga para continuar aprendiendo 😉

p.d. tengo alguna foto (os la pasaré cuando las descargue en el pc).

una fuerte abrazo y besos,


Today had a really nice session with the boat, thanks so much!!!


Thank you for the kite. Just 2 weeks ago I was in Netherland/Ijesselmeer in Workum. There I have tested the new kite and it goes very well. The kite is o.k. and I have had fun.

Now our holidays we (my family and I) will spend our holidays again in Workum. I think you know it 😉 . Because the spot is very suitable for Kitesurfing, Swimming and Relaxing.

Thank you for all and prospectively maybe I will buy a new kite by us. Absolutely I will advise your shop on fuerteventura. See you soon and goodbye, have a nice time Best Regards



About the 3D FCS FINS: Perfect for choppy and the lift effects when carving are really a surprise.

I think that the board loses a little bit of upwind and grip at the end of the turn but is very comfortable. The estethic is unbeatable. Best regards,



Thanks for the amazing weekend, I got the best sessions, thanks to your equipment. cheers! Carlos


If there ever was a cool girl that is Andrea‚ my kite surfing instructor. The way she rode the kite in the sea ‚ my god, think about Valkyria on the water. Wow I say.

And I dont say that easily. First day was learning kite control and setting up kite, launching it, landing it, creating the pull and drag ..and learning about what not to do. The kite has so much power and if you let it go to the power zone..hehehe.


Isabelle, Emma & Ronan

Hi Guys, Just a great thank you for the surfing week kids have last april! They really enjoy it and you were for me a great guide to visit the island! Hope to come back soon and will think of you this summer when we will surf in Messanges.
Isabelle, Emma & Ronan.

Marie and Ren

Hey Sears Ren and me would like to thank you for such a great care you have been taking of us! We had absolutely wonderfull time there thanks to you and your friendly attitude and lessons provided.

Take care there and hope to see you soon! Good luck to Manu with the competition.

Marie and Ren


I’ve done a private kite lesson with Manu wednesday the 29th of february Have had a perfect day, great times and learned a thing or 2.

Would send my friends to him, so you should too



I would like to thank you and your staff at the shop for a great vacation, it have been a pleasure working with you guys helping and supporting always with a smile on the face.
hope to see you all in the future with no doubt we will be back to the island!!!
please send our worm regards to Carmelo,Olaf and Vincent and you are all invited to visit Israel and enjoy our marvels conditions here as well.

Best regards



I would like to thank you for the fantastic time you gave to my son William on the kite lessons on Monday on Tuesday this week ,many thanks

Paul and Jon Youles

Dear Fabio, and all at In Line,
Thanks for all you did to make our holiday one of the best ever.
Despite there being not enough wind, you really went out of your way to find exciting things for us to do. Our trip to Los Lobos, snorkelling and wake boarding was the highlight of the holiday.
Fabio’s patience with my incompetence on a paddle surf board was worthy of a medal.
We would recommend your shop to any of our friends visiting Fuerteventura. I am sad to be home, but hope the rest of the summer is successful for you.
Getting a copy of the video of our wakeboarding would really help bring back fantastic memories. I hope you can put it on a drop box soon. No need to edit it, I will do that myself to make me look the best
Thanks and regards
Paul and Jon Youles
I am sure Mathilde feels the same.