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More Bandits just arrived

We just received a new shipment of bandit kites, with their respective bars, which enlarge our rental quiver, this summer you will not find a place with more kites to rent in Corralejo, we have all the measures covered so you do not stop sailing even one day in all your kitesurfing stay on the […]

Testing the new VAN DER WAAL GRIP

The idea of finding an alternative to wax for our more than 200 rental surfboards, was not so much a desire but a necessity, the constant maintenance that it requires satisfying our customers, multiplied by 200, consumes us a lot of time and energy. Each of our customers places the wax on the board in […]

Firewire surfboards rentals new load

The flow of Testcenter and rental surfboards does not stop, now it is time for the new Machado models for the surfers with more flow: the Go-fish and the Midas, and for the more advanced: the Gamma Slater design and SKK – Stuart Keneddy pro model -. We were already testing / Surfing the Midas […]

Teiva tested the Firewire Flexflight

Firewire FLEXFLIGHT’S are truely high-performance longboards. A shape that does well in a variety of conditions, and of course in the majority of the Sufing conditions here in Fuerteventura. This board it’s a good choice for going down the line, carving or cruising. The Timbertek makes them very durable and lightweight with the same superior performance characteristics made […]

Teiva goes Torpedo

Our team rider, Teiva Joyeux, picked the Torpedo Board to test in a small but really fun session, this board its part of the Softech Performance Soft-tops collection we received last month in our Test Center in North Fuerteventura. The Torpedo is explosively fast & fun. Paddles like a longboard, surfs like a fish, and […]

Sup Foiling in Corralejo

STAND UP PADDLE foiling! Foil is a toy that lately people went crazy about! It´s a new feeling, which disconnects you from reality, and feels like flying! You wouldn´t believe it, but actually the foil in a surfboard was used for the first time by Laird Hamilton in the year 2000! He took the wing, […]

Softech Summer Series arrival

At our Procenter in Fuerteventura we are proud to present the new collection of Softech Soft-top Surfboards ready for you to test and rent. A full Summer Series of soft-boards, handmade from highly durable materials, and constructed using proven manufacturing techniques. Softech surfboards are built to withstand the toughest of treatment and are available in […]

Calima Kite Surf Session

Last week we got a lot of Calima in Fuerteventura, which isn´t what a kitesurfer wants the most, as it stops the wind. Calima is a wave of hot air which comes from Sahara, often bringing also some sand, the final result of that is that the wind can´t blow correctly. For LineUp is not […]

Kite and Surf Testcenter Outlet

In Line up Testcenter in Fuerteventura we make sure that our equipment is always on the highest level, looking for the best gear, that involves partnerships with the best brands out there, making sure that the client get´s delivered the newest products on the market. With us can test the equipment, choose the surfboard, Sup […]

Papenoo 2017 SUP – Rent the board that shreds

F-ONE SUP – Papenoo 2017 from F-ONE SUP on Vimeo. Short sups focus on speed, acceleration and maneuverability on smaller waves. Short means agility and square ads stability. Maximum glide and enjoyable ride. Board thickness remains quite standard to keep some good control. These boards are designed to be fitted with an SUP foil. It […]

New batch of Firewire boards

We have received the long awaited reinforcement for our quiver to finish this winter season and face the 2017 campaign. Highlights include Slater and Tomo surfboards, and the highly recommended board designs by Rob Machado. All the surfboards are for rent in Corralejo from day one. You can be the first to take them to […]

Choosing Surfboards by the Volume

Since computers came into play in the manufacture of surfboards the volume began to be a key factor in choosing the best board for each surfer. Apart from the volume, we also have to take into account the surfer’s ability, age and weight of course, and the type of waves to which the board would […]

Surfboard rental quiver update

we just received over 30 new Firewire, Machado and Slater designs boards batch. All of them are available for rent for day one. This year we are happy to add to our Firewire collection, the new Rob Machado Creeper and Almond butter, the Slater Scfi and Omni, the Tomo Evo and Vanguard. Some nice longboards […]

New Stand Up Paddle boards arrival

We just got the new Fone and Naish Stand up Paddles boards, our rental quiver it´s bigger than ever, 97% percent of our boards are 2017, brand new and ready to be tested, this year collection comes very color-full and with the latest technologies. We got a lot of very surfer boards, and few nice […]


We are upgrading all our accessories. Now you can experience the latest technologies on your rental quiver in Fuerteventura. New Leashes, SUP leashes and Pads. Also Brand new Surfboard and Stand Up Paddle boardbags. Surf rentals and Sup rentals in Fuerteventura are taking to the next level in Line Up Procenter.

Fone quiver renewal

We continue renewing our F-one kite equipment, to continue offering the best quality to our students of our academy, and also the customers who rent our equipment every day. The surprise was that the same rider Javier Jimenez, local F-one rider, was checking our kites, kitesurfboards and twintips and giving advice on them. Javi just […]

Fone Inflatable Sups Arrival

Our SUP sessions in flat water, specially the ones on the Lobos natural lagoons formed between the reefs in the east side of this beautiful Island, they gonna be more suitable for groups, families and beginners paddlers with our new F-one inflatable Stand up Paddle boards. We just got more than a dozen new Fone […]


Fone 2016 Sup Collection just arrived to our Lineup Procenter Fuerteventura, an official Fone Testcenter. Some of the best Stand up paddle boards on the market, are ready for you to test. You can rent a brand new board for just 29€ a day or save renting for a full week for 99€. Most of […]

How to set-up your F-ONE platinium3 bindings

Fone presents their new Pads PLatinium 3, and this toturial you get the full explanation on how to set them properly. Knowing that pads are in general hard to design because they must fit all types of feet, ensure the best connection with your board to have the best feel while riding, and absorb the […]

Naish Rental Fuerteventura new arrivals

New Kites, twin tips and Stand up Paddle boards just arrived to our Testcenter. The 2016 models of our “Naish Rental Fuerteventura” quiver increased the wide range of Naish products available to you to test in the North Shore world class conditions.