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F-one Foil full collection 2017

F-one international just presented the new range of foil categories: Kite, Supfoil and Windfoil… This new three disciplines providing amazing sensations, and this it’s just the beginning of this new sport!!! Enter the world of foiling and discover the F-ONE range developed to make you fly above the water whatever your discipline. Get ready to […]

New foil boards arrival

We just got 4 new kiteboarding Foil boards from Fone. A redesigned board and foil model with the advice of the most experience foil riders, from beginners to master foilers will find in this board the best vessel for kiteboarding Foiling experience. The main benefit of the new system is the one and only screw […]

Kite Foil Session part 2

Kite Foil Session

Perfect conditions this weekend for Kite Foiling in the Corralejo Bay, we took the Lineup zodiac and the western wailer as a support boat, to make a super fun foil session, with some lineup clients and the lineup crew. The kite foil is the latest kiteboarding discipline, a perfect glide experience and with the need […]

Foil School first 2012 session

Last Friday, Francois Colussi from – Kite Center Dublin, joined Manu Taub (Line Up Testcenter)