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Reservations Conditions

Line Up Ocean Sports Center operates a strict NO refund policy on all bookings.
On payment of deposit and confirmation of booking all clients and Line Up Ocean Sports Center enter into a contract.

Under this contract, we offer a no refund policy on the courses, rentals, or the accommodations.

Each started lessons is considered a a lesson done.

The client must accept that these are sports that depend very much on weather conditions and therefore the client must be flexible.

The client must also understand that the number of places are limited per day, that’s why all bookings must be considered as definitive once payment done.

Fuerteventura is one of the places around the world providing the best frequency of suitable conditions for any kind of watersport.

However it is not a perfect science and it is always possible to get unlucky …

best period for wind : April to September
best period for waves : October to March

Why do we apply a non refund policy ?

The client must understand that, in order to provide our services, on the highest possible level, we must always have our teams operational, our equipment, vehicles and whole infrastructure ready, in order to cover our activity.

A lack of suitable conditions can not affect the income and the way we are paying our teams or how our structure will function.

This is why we must consider all bookings as definitive and not refundable, as the our number of clients per day is limited.

In case of a lack of conditions, what kind of solutions we propose for our client :
It is clear that in case of a lack of conditions the client should not  loose any money either .

– LINE UP PRO CENTER SCHOOLS  proposes alternative activities, such as surf lessons, SUP lessons, wake sessions, SUP and snorkel sessions at Lobos, downwind SUP, or rental equipment.

An account will be created for the client according to the nature of the sessions effectively done and the payment of the original booking as not all activities have the same price and value.

At the end of the stay a balance is made between what has been effectively paid and what has been effectively done. The balance then transformed in a credit.
Beside first wake session for kite school, all alternative sessions are facultative and depend on client agreement. It is strictly the right of the client to refuse to do alternative activities.

First wake replacement session for kite school :

in case of no wind the kite instructor team can decide to give a wake session instead. This wake session is very interesting and can be considered as a real beneficial learning experience for beginners kiters as it will focus on board technics. This is often the weakest point in a kiter learning curve.

Of course if there is wind we do normal kite session always, but if we need to make a wake session it s almost a benefice for the student to spend time only working on the board skills.
So, the first alternative wake session is mandatory. From the second one the client can choose to accept an other wake session or to keep his credit for the next possible kite session, or other alternative activities.

In case the client will refuse to participate in the first wake session , it will be considered as a “no show” and the credit of the session will be lost by the client.

Balance transactions : 2 options.

-1 the client can use the entire credit in our shop to purchase any available items of his choice.
-2 the client can ask for a voucher that will certify this credit valid for the next 18 months, and that can be transmitted to a third party.

NO voucher or credit will be given in case of : no show, cancellation from client, not being contactable, etc.

– LINE UP PRO CENTER SCHOOLS organizes the sessions according to weather conditions.

The clients must be ready to enter the next possible session made available by our team during the period they have mentioned on the reservation.

In case of no show for any reasons, health problem, business emergency, family matters, etc …
We will provide, on demand, an invoice of the actual booking and payment,as well as a document stating that the client could not attend.

The client will be able to present these documents to his or her travel insurance.

 – LINE UP PRO CENTER RENTALS is an official test center for major brands as F.one, Firewire, Naish & Softech.

Line up is a “multi” sports center which means that we offer our clients the possibility to “switch as you wish *” between sizes, models, sports during the rental period, and adapt to what the ocean as to offer every day, if your favorite conditions are not happening today.
no kite, just grab a surf, or a sup … etc … * only possible on available items

important : we advise you to book rental equipment for the all period to be sure you will have all the equipment you need during your all stay.

However if you don t wish to adapt to other sports and you are not sure to meet the right conditions during your stay, for example you d like to book some kite equipment in winter with no visibility on forecast, like few weeks or month ahead, knowing that wind in winter is possible but not guaranteed, then it is wiser to make a booking just for 1 day or not even and to rent here at the center on a daily basis. In this case the risk your taking is to not have the right equipment for the complete period.

Rental conditions :

1. The client acknowledges to have received the rented equipment in perfect conditions.

2. The equipment is checked by our team at every check-in, but client must double
check it before checking-out.

3. Once left the center the equipment is under the client only responsibility.

4. No exception will be taken in considerations, all damages noticed when checking in,
will be charged according to damages penalties fees and procedure.

5. There is no refund for not using the equipment, whatever the reason might be.

6. There is no refund for returning the equipment before the end of the rental period.

7. In case the equipment gets lost or stolen, the client will have to pay the shop price,
(webstore), even if contracted an insurance (not covering)

8. Switch as you wish bonus depends on availabilities and package size.

9. The client has been informed of our rental insurance solution .