Contract between Line Up Watersports SL and the customer

When confirming the reservation by paying the deposit, Line Up Watersports SL and its client conclude a contract.

Under this contract, we will apply a policy of no refund on courses, rentals, housing, any services previously reserved.

The customer must accept the fact that these are weather dependent sports and, therefore, the customer must be flexible.

The customer must also understand that the number of places available  is limited per day, so all bookings must be considered final once payment is made.

The reservation is confirmed.

It is common to refuse requests for reservations because the time slots allocated to the different activities are complete, it is therefore that each reservation is firm and final.

The total payment of all the booking (schools / rental / accommodation) must be paid in the center  or the camp on the day of arrival before the beginning of the first session so that the insurance conditions can be activated. Without full payment the client will not be able to do his or her first session.


Why do we apply a non-refund policy?

Over the years Line Up has forged a strong reputation for the quality of services, equipment, teachers and the special attention given to each student in terms of learning and security.

Fuerteventura is one of the places in the world with the best frequency of conditions suitable for all types of water sports.

There are few days in the year that teaching is impossible.

However, it is important to note that for wind sports the best times are:

April to September, the rest of the year of very good conditions are also present but less predictable, sometimes absent.

For  SUP it will  be the winter period to focus, so october till march.

To  learn how to surf : the whole year is excellent. The variety of spots allows to be less dependent on the wind conditions, even in winter where the waves are bigger there are always some protected spots with perfect conditions.

However, it may also happen that the conditions are difficult  but possible, at this time the head instructor describes to the group the situation, the possibilities of postponements, etc …

The session is tempted if all or part of the group agrees to try.

Any session started is due, however it is possible that the head instructor decides to postpone a session started, or to only partially invoice, if the session was really not satisfactory.

It is a commercial gesture that is not due and depends on the appreciation only of the head instructor.

The idea of each session is to increase even a minimum level of knowledge.

The customer must understand that to provide a high level of services, we must always have our teams operational, the latest generation equipment, our vehicles and our infrastructure ready to cover all activities. These fees are fixed and do not depend on the actual execution of the activities.

A lack of appropriate conditions can not affect the income and the way we pay our teams or the way our structure works. It is a risk that the client takes, and  being now aware of it,  we strongly recommend choosing the most appropriate periods.

This is why we must consider all reservations as definitive and non-refundable, because our number of customers per day is limited. The demand has become very important as over the years we have imposed ourselves as a leader company, because of the quality of services and security level.

That said, once again the variety and frequency of adequate conditions in the NORTH of Fuerteventura makes it one of the most propitious sites in the world, our schools never close, we are open 365 days a year


In case of a lack of conditions, what solutions we offer our customers:

It is clear that, in the event of a lack of conditions, the goal is that the client is not loosing either.

– LINE UP offers free access (subject to availability) to all other alternative activities poposed in the center:

– surf lessons

– SUP courses

– Foil course (depending on level)

– wakeboarding sessions

– boat trips + SUP (weather permitting)

– equipment rental


Depending on the number of clients waiting,  specific sessions can be organized in addition to courses already planned by our teams.

The customer has of course the right to refuse to do  alternative activities if the cancellation is our fault, for example lack of adequate weather conditions ….

In case of refusal in such conditions his session will remain in the credit of the client.



During his stay the client must be aware that his sessions will be, if possible,  according to his desires, however the customer must be aware that  his sports depends on specific conditions and it will be our team who decides the best time slots  for each sports (wind, tide, body of water, weather event etc …)

As a result the client will communicate the duration of his stay knowing that changes from the initial schedule can be applied.

The confirmation of the class schedules are send the evening before by message or telephone. In case of a change of schedule during the day,

customers will be kept up to date with regular changes until the session is validated or canceled.

The client is required to attend the course on the proposed time. Of course we try to accommodate the customers to the best of their wishes but sometimes it is necessary to adapt to the conditions.

If for some reason,  a duly informed client  does not show up in time for the lesson, the client loses his session.



At the end of the stay a count of the sessions will be done (all sessions having same value, regardless of the sport done)

If the customer has a higher number of sessions but does not cover the total amount of his initial reservation, no additional payment will be required.

If the client does not have a number of sessions corresponding to the initial amount, he will be made a voucher, that is to say a document valid for 24 months corresponding to the remaining amount, that can be used to book lessons or rentals in our center, or  can be used by a third person on request by email of the holder.(the customer can resell or benefit some of this credit)

No voucher or credit will be granted in case of: no show, cancellation of the client, client not reachable, etc.



All LINE UP  activities are covered by our  civil liability insurance.

It is however necessary and the responsibility of the customer to subscribe a travel insurance that will  cover all costs that may result from injuries with or without emergencies or requiring repatriation caused by the sports practiced in our center.



In case of no-show for any reason, health problems, occupational emergency, family matters, etc.

We will provide, upon request, an invoice for the booking and actual payment, as well as a document stating that the customer could the lessons.

The customer can present these documents to his travel insurance.