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November Surf lessons in Fuerteventura

Where are in November, the surf season it’s on in Fuerteventura. Our Surf School in Corralejo, has been working no stop, with full vans of stoked riders, ready to dominate the shore-breaks and why not some reef breaks as well. They have been surfing some white foams, also trying their first turns in the green walls, […]

Surfcamp BBQ Corralejo Crew

At our Kite / Surf camp in North Fuerteventura, We organize barbecues every week, with a wonderful atmosphere. Even some Jam sessions since our camp manager is also a guitar player, luckly you will get live music as a plus. Line Up surf-camp in Corralejo is the place where you will meet a lot of […]

March Surfari Session

Last week we hosted advanced surfers in our surf camp in Corralejo. They came alone without knowing any Fuerteventura surf spots, so with help of Line Up they could move themselves around in a great company of our surf instructor Lucca, visiting all the spots of Fuerteventura north shore, who would give them some tips […]

Zodiac Kite Session end up swimming with dolphins

Our last kite session has ended in an unexpected way, our instructors and students have ended up surrounded by a beautiful herd of dolphins, far from being astonished both dolphins and students experienced a beautiful moment, which has been repeated for two days in a row, something Almost unthinkable so close to the Corralejo Harbor.

November Kite sessions

This past few days has been great for our kite students, we are teaching from beach fly initiation to zodiac boat sessions. Thanks to the experience of our crew we are finding really good wind conditions, even this months are usually note the best for kitesurfing clients could complete the full course withing days. Always […]

Beach Fly Initiation Kite school Course

Starting the month of November in Fuerteventura is not the usual time for a kite course but in The Canaries everything its possible. at our Kite school in Corralejo; we get to find optimal windy conditions, all set up for you to learn how to control your kite at the beach. Tomorrow we head the […]

October Surf Courses Sessions

October its one of the better months of the year to learn how to surf in Fuerteventura, since you have one of the best swells consistency and optimal water temperature; The waves are mostly good to very good in this month, plus you can surf just in your boardshorts till almost middle of December. All […]

Stand Up Paddle Sessions in Fuerteventura

We are entering on the surf and Sup season in Fuerteventura, from S.U.P. initiation courses, to Lobos Sup excursions, our experience instructor Olaf Bowman has all the tips to help you improve fast on this amazing sport. The learning Curve is not that hard as other sports, but the results can be so amazing on […]

No wind wake session

We organize a nice wake session for our students, the lack of wind couldn’t stop us for enjoying the nice day and the perfect water conditions. We tried the twintips and the surfkite strapless.

Private SUP Lobos excursion

We prepared a private SUP Lobos excursion for our clients, it’s been cool to see the guys get initiated in the stand-up paddle with a safe option as inflatable sups are. After a nice walk on Lobos island, get to eat fresh fish from the local restaurant, do some snorkelling, and back to Corralejo after […]

Starting the kite season at the max

The Kite school is on fire! al courses in Fuerteventura running smoothly: the kite beach fly and boat sessions, with two Kite instructors every 2 kitesurf students, small groups, big zodiac plus support boat for your security. The Kitesurfing conditions in Fuerteventura has been great, the wind nice and strong, we have a great weekend […]

Beach Fly Kite school video

Kite Beach Fly Session from Lineupfuerte on Vimeo.

Kids surf lesson in Fuerteventura

All this like a game, Kids gets the opportunity to learn about the surfing experience in Fuerteventura, the sunwave fun, beach safety, ocean awareness and surfing techniques with qualified instructors, for his safety that why the Lessons held in small groups for maximum safety. find your Sunwave in Fuerteventura Surfing takes place in the white […]

Private Surf Course

Davide and Students on a Private Surf Course in Corralejo – Fuerteventura, soft and nice green walls for beginners, trying their first rides on the wall, learning how to turn their surfboards, this time they choose softops surfboards special for improving their surf level in a safe environment.

Surf Course East Coast Fuerteventura

This week brought us waves on the east coast, and our surf school instructors as always found a site with good conditions for novice surfers in Fuerteventura. The east coast of Fuerteventura is characterized with good waves to learn to surf, with soft walls and sand bottom beach breaks.

Kitesurf flat water lagoon session

The largest and best flat water areas for kitesurfing, that has no gusty winds, are in the area of north Fuerteventura, very Close to El Cotillo, usually uncrowded flat water lagoons and great point breaks for the kitesurf wave riders. Many small lagoons ( what means little kitesurfing little beaches), the most famous ones, are […]

Kite School Cotillo Lagoons

Some of the nicest places to practice kitesurf its for sure the Cotillo lagoons in Fuerteventura Island, one of the many spots we go searching for the wind we need for our kitesurf lessons. You can practice all that you been learning in the previous courses like the kite control, launching, you also have done […]

Surf Lesson

Surf Lessons in Fuerteventura are on! Whether you’re an individual determined to get up on a wave, a group or family wanting your own surfing experience,needing some feedback on your surfing technique, our Lineup surf lessons give you that extra attention to details and a dedicated surf coach to work with. Check our latest surf […]

Family Surf School Course

Beginner surf class with a family group, taking the first shots in the white water waves in Fuerteventura’s beach break. After a quick warm up and strech a nice and safe session with the foamies, with our surf instructor always in the water looking for the groups safety. Check the gallery. pics by

Kite Foil Session part 2