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Surfcamp BBQ Corralejo Crew

At our Kite / Surf camp in North Fuerteventura, We organize barbecues every week, with a wonderful atmosphere. Even some Jam sessions since our camp manager is also a guitar player, luckly you will get live music as a plus. Line Up surf-camp in Corralejo is the place where you will meet a lot of […]

Calima Kite Surf Session

Last week we got a lots of Calima in Fuerteventura, which isn´t what a kitesurfer wants the most, as it stops the wind. Calima is a wave of hot air which comes from Sahara, often bringing also some sand, the final result of that is that the wind can´t blow correctly. For LineUp is not […]

Zodiac Kite Session end up swimming with dolphins

Our last kite session has ended in an unexpected way, our instructors and students have ended up surrounded by a beautiful herd of dolphins, far from being astonished both dolphins and students experienced a beautiful moment, which has been repeated for two days in a row, something Almost unthinkable so close to the Corralejo Harbor.

November Kite sessions

This past few days has been great for our kite students, we are teaching from beach fly initiation to zodiac boat sessions. Thanks to the experience of our crew we are finding really good wind conditions, even this months are usually note the best for kitesurfing clients could complete the full course withing days. Always […]

Beach Fly Initiation Kite school Course

Starting the month of November, not the usual time for a kite course, but in Fuerteventura everything its possible. We get to find optimal windy conditions, all set up for you to learn how to control your kite. Tomorrow we head the harbor, we are going on a boat session, you already control the power […]

No wind wake session

We organize a nice wake session for our students, the lack of wind couldn’t stop us for enjoying the nice day and the perfect water conditions. We tried the twintips and the surfkite strapless.

beach fly moments

September it’s usually no that windy, but with Line Up Fuerteventura kite school you can be sure that we will find some wind for your kite initiation. Book with us you beach fly session, learn the basics of the kite flying. power zone, launch your kite, security tips, and much more…

F-one Foil full collection 2017

F-one international just presented the new range of foil categories: Kite, Supfoil and Windfoil… This new three disciplines providing amazing sensations, and this it’s just the beginning of this new sport!!! Enter the world of foiling and discover the F-ONE range developed to make you fly above the water whatever your discipline. Get ready to […]

Starting the kite season at the max

the school is on fire! al courses running: beach fly and boat session, with two instructors every 2 students, small groups, big zodiac plus support boat. The Kitesurfing conditions in Fuerteventura has been great, and we have a great weekend a head.

Beach Fly Kite school video

Kite Beach Fly Session from Lineupfuerte on Vimeo.

New foil boards arrival

We just got 4 new kiteboarding Foil boards from Fone. A redesigned board and foil model with the advice of the most experience foil riders, from beginners to master foilers will find in this board the best vessel for kiteboarding Foiling experience. The main benefit of the new system is the one and only screw […]

Fone quiver renewal

We continue renewing our F-one kite equipment, to continue offering the best quality to our students of our academy, and also the customers who rent our equipment every day. The surprise was that the same rider Javier Jimenez, local F-one rider, was checking our kites, kitesurfboards and twintips and giving advice on them. Javi just […]

Kitesurf flat water lagoon session

The largest flat water areas with no gusty winds are in the north of Fuerteventura, usually uncrowded flat water and great point breaks for the wave riders. Many small lagoons ( what means little kitesurfing little beaches) . The most famous, are closer to Cotillo, a great place to watch a pro rider and try […]

Kite School Cotillo Lagoons

Some of the nicest places to practice kitesurf its for sure the Cotillo lagoons in Fuerteventura Island, one of the spots we go searching for the wind we need for our lessons. You can practice all what you been learning in the previous courses like the kite control, and launching your kite, you have done […]

How to set-up your F-ONE platinium3 bindings

Fone presents their new Pads PLatinium 3, and this toturial you get the full explanation on how to set them properly. Knowing that pads are in general hard to design because they must fit all types of feet, ensure the best connection with your board to have the best feel while riding, and absorb the […]

Beach Fly Control Session

Nice day first week of September, the students learning right on the beach how to set up the kite, control it on the beach, how to use the security systems and safety theory all this before the students approach the boat session.

Naish Kiteboarding 2016 This is Your Moment

Naish Kiteboarding 2016 | This is Your Moment Top engineers and athletes with cutting edge technologies, the best materials, got together in this new Naish 2016 collection, as a result a wide range of kiting gear developed to suit the individual need of every type of warrior or rider. Naish 2016 Collection will be available […]

F-ONE 2016 collection, Color your ride!

Be ready, it’s starting now…F-ONE presents in this amazing video the 2016 collection : COLOR YOUR RIDE! With exceptional footages of the best F-ONE riders in Mauritius island. Design, technology meet once again for your utmost enjoyment. All this products will be soon in our F_ONE testecenter in Fuerteventura. This means that all our 2015 […]

Javier Jimenez Fone rider new video

Our team mate Javier Jimenez ( Fone – Animal – Lineup – Manera ) just publish his new video made by Xede Santana in the Cotillo Lagoons, a perfect setup for freestyle kitebaording in Fuerteventura. You can appreciate the new Kite manoeuvres that Javi is training now a days.

Fone 2016 Collection teaser

After a whole year, the wait is nearly over… The waiting time for fans of fone is almost over, soon the new collection 2016. Watch the latest video promotion F-ONE 2016 COLLECTION – Teaser from F-ONE KITE on Vimeo.