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Learn to Kite: From Beach Fly to Boat Sessions

Learn to Surf:know the waves – ride the wall

Learn to SUP: From flat water to ride the wave

Learn to Foil: with a kite, SUP or surf

Testcenter Rentals

Sports, Models and sizes, not day without ocean sports. Just 15€ a day!

Line up gives you the opportunity to enjoy kitesurf, surfing or sup in Fuerteventura, …with world class ocean conditions in the Canaries while testing the latest equipment on the market. Come to our water sports center in Corralejo and book your lessons, course, enjoy your holidays, hire / rent your equipment with us!

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Leave your gear at home, relaxed stress free travel at the airport. No tax limitations overweight on your quiver. We have the best brands and latest in the market. Traveling without your boards / kites and save the surcharges transport companies and also avoiding losses or breakages to reach Fuerteventura spots. When you rent your surf gear, you can exchange models and sizes depending on your level or conditions of that day,

or the same surf session, no more excuses conditions of waves, tides, swells,etc ..., or no wind / calm surf. In Lineup have over 150 boards: Firewire for all levels. Evolutions, malibus, funboards, shortboard, softboards, longboards. Also more than 45 kites and plenty of twintips and kitesurfboards. The wetsuit rental is free from the two-day rental!!!

With Line Up, not day without ocean sports

  • ✓ Line Up Fuerteventura offers a unique rental concept.
  • ✓ Each equipment has the same individual rental value.
  • ✓ 1 board = 1 Surfboard = 1 kite.
  • ✓ Renting a board or a kite =  a Solo.
  • ✓ Rent a board and a kite or 2 kites or two boards = Combo 2 etc … 
  • ✓ Combo 3 or more (it works with groups).
  • ✓ Change to any sport, model and size of kite/board at no extra charge.
  • ✓ The right equipment at the right time, if there is no wind and no waves, you can adapt the equipment.
  • ✓ There is no day without going to the water, this is possible only with Line Up Fuerteventura.
  • ✓ Line Up we are Official Testcenter of F-one – Firewire & Naish.
  • ✓ Each year we receive the latest collections of our partner brands so you get to rent the equipment of the year.
  • ✓ Relax, travel light and with little luggage.
  • ✓ No more weight or stress at the Airport. 
  • ✓ No more air carriers surcharges.
  • ✓ We accept bookings online .
  • ✓ Short and precise travel has never been easier
  • ✓ Enjoy your trip, no stress ! Just pick up your gear in our testcenter and go surfing or kiting
  • ✓ We recommend the best “spots”.
  • ✓ Test and Buy: come to our testcenter, and test our latest series of boards and kites 
  • ✓ If you like the gear, we will deduct (maximum) 2 days the rent on the total purchase price.
  • ✓ Shipments abroad and national also available.